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This is Honey ( the white one ) and Benny who were the first two Mike and I adopted. They are BOTH Rescues! Honey was saved from a Pet Mill and Benny was saved from a House Fire and was then brought to Our Local SPCA because His Previous Owners didn't realize how much Vet Bills would cost from the damage caused by His smoke inhalation. He sat there for 2 Years until My Fiancee was at the SPCA, shown 2 others and asked about what looked to be like an empty cage and the Lady said He had been there so long that they almost forgot how long He had been there. When Mike brought Him Home, I fell in Love and We made a concious decision to adopt more Rescue type Pets that were in Dire need!!
This is a solo of Honey right after I had finished Bathing Her after saving Her from the Pet Mill. She was dirty, matted and it just broke My Heart. She was "Fiesty" to say the least BUT with time and Love She came around and is now the most Docile and Loving girl ever!! <3
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