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my female baby guinnie pig is possibly sick please help ive only had her for 1 weak does another guinnie pig get sick if she is they are in the same cage.
ian, International
Posted: 4/15/2015 9:09:36 AM
My guinea pig won't drink its water, or eat its food and has defiantly lost weight in fact he may be under weight, he does look dull in the eyes and I have tried giving him food with water on it, but he still won't budge, I will leave him for an hour or two to see if he is ok and if it is just a faze, but each time I come to check up on him, his eyes look wet round the outside and have tons of sleep on them, please help me because me and my mum are rather worried, I have only had him under 3months..
Jessica, Crewe
Posted: 12/23/2014 2:15:45 PM
I have two guinea pigs one is active the other not so active but today his been looking depressed he just lays on his side so im really worried because its to late to take him to a vet because its closed. So I really need to know whats wrong with him.
william, International
Posted: 6/5/2014 9:54:03 PM
My new guinea pig from petco is little it's just a baby and he's a little thin but he's not really alert he plays with my older guinea pig he's strong thick and playful I guess ill get him checked by a vet like a responsible pet owner I am...
Lucy, Lansing, AL
Posted: 5/21/2014 3:40:17 AM
Felicity, Crusty eyes are not normal for guinea pigs. If you take your guinea pig to a veterinarian who regularly treats guinea pigs, he or she should be able to tell you what is going on. If you need help finding a vet in your area, search the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians' website, Meanwhile, here's a link to a previously answered question that mentions crusty eyes in a guinea pig. There can be many causes for this, so a visit to a vet is the best course of action. Good luck! LINK
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 2/18/2014 10:43:19 AM
My guinea pig has his eyes all crusted up and I don't know if he is sick or not. I just got him yesterday and he does not have any of these symptoms. He is eating good. He is very active and he is not having any problems using the bathroom or anything. Do you think it is just the new bedding or something? If so, when do you think it will go away
Felicity, Moundsville, WV
Posted: 2/17/2014 11:38:06 AM
my guinea pig Ginger nut has discharge coming out of his eyes and his not eating and he falls on his side but doesn't flip back over. í am really worried.
cassie, robina
Posted: 2/13/2014 11:31:42 PM
Our Guinea pig has mucus coming out of his eyes,not eating,not moving a lot
Kristin scofield, Farmingville, NY
Posted: 2/6/2014 5:38:39 PM
Hello Nazirah, I’m sorry that your guinea pig is ill. Although I am not a veterinarian, the signs you describe sound serious. Your best chance for helping your guinea pig is taking it to a veterinarian who regularly treats guinea pigs. If you need help locating a veterinarian, check the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarian’s website. LINK It has a search for finding veterinarians. If an exotics veterinarian is not nearby, consider asking a local vet if he or she will consult via phone with an exotics vet. I wish all the best to you and your guinea pig.
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 10/21/2013 11:27:49 AM
hello, my name is Nazirah and my guineapig is sick. I really need some advice to make her sickness go away. She haven't been eating or drinking her water, she not active and she have a discharge in her eyes. yesterday I was crying because I thought she was going to die.
Nazirah Wadley, Chicago, IL
Posted: 10/19/2013 10:56:10 AM
My guinea pig has eye mucus and hasnt moved around a lot the last couple also hasn't ate or drank much. What should I do please help
kate, decatur, IL
Posted: 10/14/2013 10:22:24 PM
My guinea pig is laying around and not playing and she has wetness on her bottom should I be worried
Breana, Liberty, KY
Posted: 9/1/2013 5:36:59 PM
My guinea sounds like its breathing funny like a wheezing. I've never heard that before. Hard to describe.
Kathy, Fitchburg, MA
Posted: 8/16/2013 8:34:51 PM
is my gin sick she lost weght over night and wont eat
juli, International
Posted: 8/3/2013 7:24:20 AM
My guinea pig does not show any signs of being sick but whenever I put her in hers' cage after allowing to be out of it for more room to play she doesn't want to move around alot and sniffs the air
Jimmie, Nashville, TN
Posted: 8/1/2013 3:16:17 PM
One of my guinea pigs isn't eating her poop and hasn't for a while. Is there a way to get her to do this? I know they need to eat some of it to get all the nutrients they need.
Amber, North Carolina, NC
Posted: 7/2/2013 8:35:10 AM
Margo, If something is wrong with your guinea pig's eye, it's best to take it to a veterinarian knowledgeable about treating guinea pigs for an exam. He or she will best be able to diagnose the problem. If you need help finding a veterinarian, check our listing at LINK or look at the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians' website, Good luck!
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 6/10/2013 10:32:07 AM
my guinea pig has a bad eye what should i do?
margo, decatur, GA
Posted: 6/8/2013 5:04:30 AM
Chase, If a guinea pig, or any pet, stops eating or moving, that's usually a sign that something is seriously wrong and the pet needs to be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you need help locating a veterinarian in your area who treats guinea pigs, check our vet listing at LINK or look for a vet at the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians' website, Best wishes to you and your guinea pig.
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 4/10/2013 10:20:16 AM
My guinea pig is notacting normal he is not eating or moving or walking around and he is dull eyes. What do i do?
Chase meyers, West hartford, CT
Posted: 4/9/2013 4:55:40 PM
My guinea pig is eating and drinking normally but she's been sneezing and losing weight Unexplainably. I'm a bit concerned for her. my mom thinks she's okay but I disagree. What should I do?
Erica, International
Posted: 4/8/2013 1:51:11 PM
We took our guinea pig Lala to the vet and she was treated for URI and she seemed to be getting better. But the past to days she has been dragging herself and today she won't eat all she does is stay in her igloo. I'm not sure what to do. We just took her to true vet 2 days ago.
Cathy, shenandoah, TX
Posted: 2/20/2013 3:08:01 PM
Hello. I recently adopted a guinea pig from a friend of a friend. Had him about 5 months now. He's grown very attached and comfortable in this time and is typically fairly active and friendly. We got him a bigger cage andwe interact with him daily. In the past week or so he seems a bit off. For one, it seems that maybe he got slightly impacted in his perennial sac briefly. I am not certain he was backed up or if he just had a good amount of poop in him at the moment but I worked a large wad of poop out of his sac the other day, a couple times. I admit that prior to that day we weren't on top of giving him his veggies like usual and we had just pellet food for most of that week, which I wonder ifthis may have helped to constipate him? Also, his cage is partially lined with paper toweling and he recently began eating a good amount of that, which Ialso thought could be a factor. But today I came home to find him tucked away in his little house, very inactive which kinda seemed unusual.though maybe he was just napping. But then I noticed he was "weeking" which is normal but was doing so very quietly, almost inaudible and was still sitting in his house. He seems less active. And when I take him out he usually snuggles on my chest but today he only wants to be by himself and burrowed in my bed sheet. His butt smells which I've noticed at times in the past, and he has pooped a small amount but not much. His poop seems more smelly than usual and is kinda softer and yuckier than normal. He is almost 4 and I know they can loose muscle use in the rear, and I've read that they sometimes need to have their back end cleaned out with a qtip and mineral oil. I haven't tried doing so. Shouldi I? He always squeals in protest and squirms away if I touch his rear andi don't wanna do so unless I need to. I'm keeping an eye on him but what do I watch out for? Do I need to get him to the vet? Should I empty his butt? Does it hurt him to do so? What can I do??
Brit, Brookfield, WI
Posted: 1/11/2013 3:43:59 PM
My Guinea pig has lost weight and is not eating I am afraid she is dying but she is also very old I thank everyone who posts diseases because now I know what is wrong with my best friend.
Hayli, Fresno, CA
Posted: 12/30/2012 2:56:06 PM
My guinea pig seems to be losing weight but she's eating the same amount of food that she always does. She also is drinking much more then usual and she is puking and when I clean her cage, her pee smells very foul. She also has been biting me when I hold her now. She has never done that before. She seems to be acting normal, other then the biting. She's only about 2 and a half years old. My cousin's guinea pig died when it was about 2 and they don't really know why. I don't want my guinea pig to be the same way. I don't know if she's sick or not.
Hope, Oley, PA
Posted: 12/10/2012 7:59:03 PM
Hello, I loves my guinea pigs but I have lost quite a few in the past to illness.
One of my guineas pigs currently suddenly has become very lethargic, isn't eating or drinking and really isn't moving or walking at all. She also has been shivering which I've never seen any of my guinea pigs visibly shiver before. This all suddenly started happening about three days ago and things haven't gotten any better. I'm wondering if you may know what might be happening to my guinea pig. I'm just very worried about her and I sadly doubt that she isn't sick..
The sad thing is that we also don't have an exotics Veterinarian nearby, the closest one I believe is in Portland.
Karen, Troy, ME
Posted: 12/10/2012 7:21:48 AM
Hello Brook. I'm sorry that your guinea pig seems to be ill. It's fantastic that you've had her for eight years. You must've taken great care of her. The symptoms you describe are nonspecific and could be caused by a number of factors. That said, not eating or drinking and having trouble eliminating is very serious. The best option in such a situation is to have a veterinarian who regularly treats guinea pigs examine her. If none is in your area, perhaps a local vet would consider consulting with a guinea pig-knowledgeable vet. Best wishes to you and your guinea pig.
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 11/15/2012 10:18:21 AM
hello i was wondering if their is anything i can do to help my guinea pig get better. I now she is very old i have had for about 8 years and i also now that they only live 5 to 7 years. her simtums are that shes not drinking or eating much, she is also having trouple going to the bath room i just want to now if their is anything i can do to help her.
Brook, monticello, MN
Posted: 11/14/2012 4:11:08 PM
Hello Maddie, Thank you for your question. When an animal is unable to eat, that's a very serious sign. Guinea pigs are prey animals that hide their illness until they're too sick to hide it any longer, so once you see signs of illness, your pet could have been ill for awhile. Eating and drinking are critical to health. The best action in such a situation is to take the guinea pig to a veterinarian who regularly treats guinea pigs.
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 11/5/2012 3:43:54 PM
My guinea pig isn't eating, and instead os squeaking , it sounds like a deep moan . He doesnt move as much anymore and I think he's sick . If I cant go to a vet , is there anything I can do here ?
Maddie, Valrico, FL
Posted: 11/2/2012 4:43:08 AM
hi i hav a guinea pig who has been making strange noises and shaking more so than usual. HIs feel hav been bleeding and he sounds in pain wat does this mean?
donna, boston, MA
Posted: 10/19/2012 12:20:49 PM
my male piggy has a loss of appatite and unexplained waitloss.we tried getting him to eat but he will only take a nibble.what should i do?could it be because he got neutered?i dont think so what do you think?
shelbie, midland, TX
Posted: 10/15/2012 8:14:08 PM
Hello Michaela, You ask a good question. Any time you suspect your guinea pig is ill, it's best to take it to a veterinarian who regularly treats guinea pigs for an exam. It's also good to take any new pet to a veterinarian for a wellness exam soon after you get it. This allows your veterinarian to check out the new pet for any possible ailments and also get a baseline on its health in general. Plus, if this had been your first guinea pig, it would allow you to find a veterinarian when you're calm, not be trying to find one when your guinea pig is very sick or injured. Good luck with Keanu!
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 10/9/2012 11:32:12 AM
I just bought my second male guinea pig from Petco yesterday, my first guinea pig (Keoki) is almost 7 months old and my new one (Keanu) seems very young, of course I just got him I'm assuming he's like a month old or so, I've brought him into my home and he's seperated from Keoki right now but they're in the same room. Keanu sneezes quite frequently but that could be change of hay or anything I guess, he also doesn't move much but he is new to his surroundings too, and he eats fairly but not near as much as Keoki...I can't tell if he is sick or not but I'm kinda worried that he could be...what should I do?
Michaela, Martinsville, VA
Posted: 10/8/2012 2:35:56 PM
My guinea pigs eye has just recently turned white, very cloudy, looking. There is no mucous oming out, but has been frequently urinating. Nt sure what is wrong......
Please help?...
Tracy, Whitby, ON
Posted: 9/23/2012 1:50:28 PM
Hi Chloe,
Thanks for your message. You ask a good question. Stool is another term for feces or poop.
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 9/4/2012 10:08:23 AM
my guinea pig is fine put what is a stool
chloe, vic, AS
Posted: 9/2/2012 3:50:32 PM
My 3 week old gunnea pig Daisy I got her Monday I'm worried cuz she has a runny nose annd is sneezing ps itching too I'm wondering if that is a good or bad sign.
Kathryn, Lewiston, ME
Posted: 8/29/2012 2:46:06 PM
My sisters Guinea Pig died the other day. We are not sure what was wrong with him though. He was a bit skinny, but he's always been like that. We hadn't had him long though. He sarted biting people little bits just before he died. What was wrong? What should we look out for, because we stil have our old Guinea Pig, and are getting another to keep him company.
Meg, Orlando, FL
Posted: 8/21/2012 3:26:36 AM
hi my name is todd and i had a guinea pig that had symtoms like loss of appetite,discharge from eyes,laying down all the time and never moved she also started bleedindg a little we were wondering what could be causing this.a yesterday she died. any thing would help thank you!
todd, dayton, OH
Posted: 8/10/2012 5:37:33 PM
oh and xxxxxxx if our guinea pigs were making a squeaking noise they are scared if they are make a little purring noise it means they are happy if they are fighting they are probably playing i suggest you take them to a vet and ask the vet but im sur its nothing serious
alexis, fort hood, TX
Posted: 8/6/2012 3:13:29 PM
well xxxxxxxx and aby and karen im not a profecinal but if anyones guinea pig has stuff coming out there eye or has unusal breathing or is acting any different than their normal self i suggest you take them to a doctor
alexis, fort hood, TX
Posted: 8/6/2012 3:08:20 PM
well my guinea pig we think had a twin and it died so we think that what happend to this one
ariana, hemet, CA
Posted: 8/4/2012 5:19:00 PM
It wdidnt answer my question but was very helpful in telling me things to watch out for .my question is my quinea pigs are making made some ab normal noises a couple minuets ago and I was wondering if there's a problem. They weren't fighting so I don't know what to think of it
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Xx
Posted: 7/2/2012 8:21:30 PM
My Guinea Pig is 3 1/2yrs old. She has a loos of appetite and dosen't want to drink watter. She still somewhat likes her treats but today not so much. Her right eye has crusties and is squinty. Everything is closed today due to Memorial Day, what should I do in the mean time? Please help!
Karen Dunson, Castro Valley, CA
Posted: 5/28/2012 3:09:48 PM
My guinea pig is about 4 years old. I'm not sure if she is sick or not. She seems overweight, but maintains a healthy appetite. She also has been shedding a lot. Sometimes if she needs a little bath I use a very small amount of water and a very very small amount of shampoo. I avoid her face at all times. But usually after a white liquid comes from her eyes. That has happend about 3 times. I've stopped the baths since then. She breaths a little heavy sometimes, and I'm really worried. Should I call a vet? Is there a medication she can get?
Abby, Westfield, NJ
Posted: 5/28/2012 12:29:25 PM
Hello, my guinea pig is about 1 year old. She keeps walking weirdly and her eyes have crustiness all around them. She hasn't been eating or drinking but her abdomen isn't bloated and she doesn't have diarrhea. She doesn't sleep inside her dome, she randomly lays around the cage. It worries me a lot.
Cara, Dysart, IA
Posted: 5/27/2012 10:40:16 AM
is there any way us owners can help to stop a change in appetite?
beth, Houston, TX
Posted: 5/23/2012 5:17:53 AM
Hi my guinea pig is about 2 years old. He is kind of fat and eats healthy. But lately his breathing is very fast pace and his heart feels like its beating faster then usual. His nose sometimes makes a whistling sound when he breathes but it's only sometimes. I know respitory infections are common but I'm really hoping its not that. Please help me!
Ashley, Wrentham, MA
Posted: 5/19/2012 10:27:46 PM
Hello Ashley and Fern, I'm very sorry that your guinea pigs aren't feeling well. Diarrhea can be serious, especially if it lasts more than a day. Your pet could lose water and nutrients it needs. Anytime a guinea pig is ill, it's best to consult with its veterinarian. Wishing a quick recovery to your pets! I will forward your questions to the veterinarian who answers questions on our site to possibly answer in the future.
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 4/23/2012 4:06:46 PM
hello, this artical has kinda helped! but i still do not understand if i should be taking my guinea pig to the vets! she has had diarrhea, but since we cleaned her up she has not had it again. she also seems to have something stuck in her bottom hole and i can't get it out.(none of are other guinea pigs have that)
have you got any advise?
fern, bishops stortford
Posted: 4/23/2012 9:11:17 AM
Barbie has been feeling better, my guinea pig. Now, she is eating and drinking. Moving around a lot, but still has diarrhea.
Ashley, Charleston, WV
Posted: 4/22/2012 1:37:06 PM
My guinea pig has diarrhea, doesn't drink, and not eating much. She is very puffed up and doesn't move.
Ashley, Charleston, WV
Posted: 4/21/2012 6:40:09 AM
Hello Alissa, I'm sorry that your guinea pig is sick. Any time an animal refuses to eat it's an emergency. Not moving and rare bowel movements are also emergency situations. I hope your veterinarian can help you right away. The vet who answers questions on SmallAnimalChannel for educational purposes hasn't dealt with a question like this, so I will forward this to her to possibly answer in the future. She did discuss a guinea pig that was losing weight and slowing down. Click the link to see that Q&A LINK Wishing the best to you and your guinea pig!
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 4/17/2012 10:20:15 AM
Hello, My guinea pig isn't eating isn't moving much and rarely has a bowel movement when he does its diarrhea and is extremely skinny and weak he was fine just a little while ago i'm really worried and i'm not sure what i can do for him! i plan to take him to the vet as soon as i can but is there anything i can do for him in the meantime?!
Alissa, winnipeg
Posted: 4/16/2012 8:25:47 PM
Hello Merissa, I'm sorry that your guinea pig is sick. If a pet can't eat, it should be taken to a veterinarian right away. Guinea pigs are prey animals that hide their illness as long as they can, so once you see signs of illness like not eating, your pet could have been sick for some time. Good luck. I hope your veterinarian can help your guinea pig.
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 3/30/2012 9:51:41 AM
May guinea pig isn't eating and has a black mouth. What do you think it is?
Merissa, Chesterfiles, MI
Posted: 3/29/2012 12:21:27 PM
Hello Brittany, Thanks for your message. From what you describe, it sounds like your guinea pig does need to be seen by a veterinarian. I hope all goes well. Meanwhile, here's a bit more info about guinea pigs and sneezing, click the link LINK
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 3/26/2012 10:43:32 AM
Hello, my guinea pig has been coughing a lot, kinda wheezing, and sneezing a bit. Does he need to see a vet? I've researched and others with these symtoms had led to a URi or upper respiratory symtoms.
Brittany, Bristol, ME
Posted: 3/24/2012 5:50:34 AM
Hi Stacey, Sorry to hear that your guinea pig is ill. Anytime a pet refuses to eat or drink it needs to be seen by a veterinarian right away. Small animal pets can't survive long without food or water. I hope your vet can help. Best wishes!
Marylou, Irvine, CA
Posted: 3/5/2012 10:18:59 AM
my guinea wont eat or drink and she drinks lot& lots of water all day and night eats fresh vegies carrots, green pepper these sre her fav. wont touch them also eats celery, broccili and oranges help me i love her and dont know if she is suffering
stacey mine/ lucky hers, clinton twp, MI
Posted: 3/3/2012 9:05:38 AM
My guinea pig Josie just turned six months and her eyes look wateryish all the time, my mom says she's fine but I don't think she is. She only has that one symptom but I don't want it to turn worse.
Am I just being to concerned?
She is my first guinea pig....
Reaghan, San Antonio, TX
Posted: 2/29/2012 5:20:27 AM
Hi my guinea pig just sits down and does nothhing right now and my other is super asctive
delaney, redwood, CA
Posted: 2/17/2012 3:21:50 PM
i forgot to add our guinea pig lola wasnt eating or drinking and had diahorria , if guinea pigs go 12 hours or more without food its very dangorous so try get the blended food into them and take them to the vet
debra, roscommon
Posted: 12/17/2011 9:50:52 AM
i had a really sick guinea pig last week i brought her to the vet and she had a high temp so the vet gave me antiboitic injection twice a day for 4 days , i have been blending hay , pellets , veg and extra vitamins and syringe feeding her every 6 hours no shes doing great if anyone wants info on feeding a really sick guinea pig im happy to help
debra, roscommon
Posted: 12/17/2011 9:43:35 AM
our pig is constantly drinking water. her bedding is always soaking wet. changing it everyother day. What is happening?
Robyn, West palm Beach, FL
Posted: 12/12/2011 4:14:15 PM
My guinea pig is sick. She isn't eating, drinking, or moving that much. I am scared and nervous since I just lost my other guinea pig with the same signs. Also both of their fur on their necks are/were almost always standing up. It looked like they were hurt by the look in their eyes. I don't know if its lack of excersise or a disease. Could you please get back to me soon on your opinion, sadly I don't know how much longer my guinea pig will live till and i don't want her to suffer.
Jessica, Smithtown, NY
Posted: 12/6/2011 1:19:47 PM
HI its me again,Haley. Im sooo scared. She has not eaten or drank water in two days, she is so sweet and comes out of her house every time she hears my foot steps. But now all she dose and lays in her hut, and hasn't come out for two days. I'm worried and can not part with her, she is what I call my baba. She is my first pet that was actually mine! Also her eyes are barely open
From Haley
Haley, Moorsevill NC, NC
Posted: 11/7/2011 5:55:09 PM
My guinea pig has stuff around her eyes witch I believe is pus. Also she is not as active and every time I pick her up she makes a noise like she is choking. Also she makes weird noises when she breaths. She is 2 and 3 months old. Her name is Shela. Please help and give me the best edvice you have.
Thank you, current guinea pig owner haley
Haley Brakefield, Moorsevill NC, NC
Posted: 11/7/2011 5:36:55 PM
what should i do my guinea pig hazel has is showing about 4 of those signs. is there anything i can buy to help her or do i have to take her to a vet
Lizzy, Rochester, NY
Posted: 11/7/2011 5:22:04 PM
what if they look like they are in pain when they walk. they stop eating and lay on anything that is cold. they look skinny and look like they are having a hard time breathing
alexis, la vergne, TN
Posted: 10/31/2011 7:22:39 PM
Hi my name is stephanie. i am a first time guinea pig own. i havent had his for one day and he seems to have gottin sick. he has watery and soft stolls and it smeels. earlyed his stolls were hard and didnt give off much oder. please help my im really scared! idk if i should bring gim to the vet! please eamial me back ASAP!!!!!
Stephanie, Colorado Springs, CO
Posted: 8/11/2011 11:39:26 PM
Hi my name is Lexi I have 2 girl ginuea pigs I just walked into my room and my ginuea pig was hooting like an owl so i told my mom and Im very scared plz write back soon! I need help ASAP!
Lexi, Denver, CO
Posted: 8/9/2011 12:33:07 PM
HI my name is Emily and my guinea pig is very hyper and she is perfectly fine except she is sneesing and she keeps rubbing her nose. she also is laying down a lot which she doesn't do often. what do i do?
Emily, Raleigh, NC
Posted: 7/27/2011 12:46:47 PM
Hi my name is Michaela and i have a boy guinea pig and he has lost his appetite and he had crust around his nose and a little around his mouth and it feels like hes vibrating and he can barely stand please help me and get at me as soon as you can thankyou.
Michaela, Davison, MI
Posted: 7/25/2011 4:40:23 AM
Hi my name is Jessica and i have to boy guinea pigs i have been feeding them and cleaning out there cadge but they keep squeling and i can feal there bones and they are very light i dont know what to do as the vet is to expensive :(
Jessica, Auckland, AK
Posted: 6/30/2011 10:19:30 PM
hi my name is kaitie, i think my guinea pig charlie might be sick he is very jumpy,loss of appetite and is quite shaky. he will not move and his eyes are crusty and squinty . but my other guinea pig mojo is fine?
kaitie, Grande Cache
Posted: 6/20/2011 8:04:43 PM
he is not eating his carrots and does not want to run around.
mackenzie, bostan, MA
Posted: 6/13/2011 2:26:07 PM
Hi my name is Mikayla and i had two guinea pigs but in a week one of them died before he died my mom thought he Was sick because his eyes were crusty and his nose. But know my other guinea pig Rock Star his nose is crusty. All i want to know is if he is sick because i really dont want him to die.
Mikayla, Sacramento, CA
Posted: 5/15/2011 1:16:21 PM
hi i think my guinea pigs tilly and feebee are sick because they have diarrhea and have loss their appetite what should i do.
faith, bunbury, WA
Posted: 5/1/2011 6:24:56 PM
hi my name is alyssa i think my giunea pig milly is sick and i dont know what to do. she is starting to get diarrhea and she is really lite compared to my other giunea pig fiona.
alyssa, erin, CA
Posted: 2/28/2011 3:34:55 PM
My guinea pig look as if his ribs have drooped down and his left back leg doesnt move and its straight. He doesnt move and he cant really lift his head. He also twitches. My mom wont let me take him to the vet. tell me what to do! Please! I dont want him to die! Please help me!!!!
Jasmyne, St. George, UT
Posted: 1/31/2011 2:44:27 PM
My guinea pig is 3 months old. When I first got her, I noticed when she breathes it sounded congested in a way. I'm now seeing more signs of an illness. She has some discharge that has crusted in the corner of her eye. And her nose is dry and crusted. Is she sick?
Kate, Bridgeton, NJ
Posted: 1/8/2011 12:23:32 PM
Very sorry to hear that your guinea pig passed.
Meredith, Montclair, CA
Posted: 1/3/2011 9:47:24 AM
My guinea passes this morning at 9:10
Matthew, Cumming, GA
Posted: 12/30/2010 12:40:50 PM
Right now my guinea pig is laying with me it is making hiccup noises and looks really sick. She hasn't stem all day and sits in one spot in her cage. She also looks really weak and isn't playful at all. She just looks really sick.
Matthew, Cumming, GA
Posted: 12/30/2010 12:45:02 AM
My guinea pig isnt looking well, so i was wondering if he was old or just sick. But after reading this im pretty sure hes just sick. i hope i can make him feel better and that its just sickness! (worried)
Kenzee, hoopeston, IL
Posted: 12/24/2010 7:44:11 PM
I think my guinea pig is sick when Blondie or Fluffy is sneezing or rubing there noses.
molly, North Potomac MD., MD
Posted: 12/24/2010 7:20:16 AM
we left our kids take our ginuea pidg outside today now her breathing seems labored and she is making a funny sound constantly and her sides are sunk in. Please help we have not had very good luck we lost two already unexpectedly.
Bobby, Kannapolis, NC
Posted: 10/24/2010 5:33:19 PM
i have a male guinea pig and a female guinea pig and they dont drink water..
i give their vegies in the morning. and i dont know much about guinea pigs and i dont really know at what time its good for them to eat and how many times a day. and they both got diareah i dont know why.
Anayeli, Roanoke Rapids, NC
Posted: 9/25/2010 8:59:23 AM
my guinea pig is lying on its side and its lymping when it walks
mary, wdm, IA
Posted: 6/16/2010 10:11:10 AM
my guinea pig has been sneezing the past few days and stuff comes out her nose. she doesn't seem to do much but just lay there and she absolutely adores cherries but she wont eat them anymore. i snapped my fingers by her ear and she didn't even hear it. usually when i pick her up she moves alot and thrusts herself but when i lifted her up her body was limp(almost lifeless). HELP!!!
diandra, hampton, VA
Posted: 6/15/2010 6:34:25 PM
My one guinea pig (I have two) is sick. I known he's sick, but I don't know what it is. His eyes are basically swelled shut, he really doesn't feel like eating... and he doesn't care if we pet him anymore, because he usually runs away.... I don't really know what to do....
Alana, Salinas, CA
Posted: 6/12/2010 10:16:33 AM
My boy big bled for two days. The blood was coming out of his penis. It isn't like a nose bleed blood, it's more like chunky blood. I'm not sure if he was peeing and some blood came out , if her was pooping a some blood came ut, or if he was plain bleeding. Also, you know when you touch blood, it will most likely smear? Well, when I dabbed the blood with a towel it didn't do anything it just stayed there.
Noel, Garland, TX
Posted: 12/29/2009 4:45:26 PM
My guinea pig, I got 5 days ago, has been acting slightly weird. He's been drinking, I think he's eating ( because he poops ) , and he doesn't want to move around. It seems that his two front paws are disabled or something. Because when he does move, He only uses his hind legs not his front
Erin, Shekou, China
Posted: 12/29/2009 4:39:29 PM
i like piggies
sara, campbell, CA
Posted: 6/26/2009 11:09:46 PM
Hi can guinea pigs have there period. Because mine is having blood coming out with her dodo. Way does this mean? She just gave birth also about two weeks ago.
Jamie, Wahiawa, HI
Posted: 4/15/2009 3:27:09 PM
I have a question. What does it mean if your guinea pig is starting to lose hair and has many bald spots
andy, montgomery, AL
Posted: 3/29/2009 3:49:30 AM
Hello, this really helped me detirmine if my guinea pig was sick or not. Thank God she wasn't. I would also like to add that if your guinea pig is sneezing/coughing it may be out of stress and NOT to worry about unless he/she is doing constently. It is common in most guinea pigs that are new. Thanks... Theresa
Theresa, Albany, NY
Posted: 1/26/2009 9:32:24 AM
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