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Falcor The Ferret Suddenly Takes Ill And Passes

Alison Parker, who owned and directed the famed ferret actor, posted the heart wrenching announcement of Falcor’s passing late in the day on May 12, 2014.

Marylou Zarbock
Posted: May 13, 2014, 3:45 p.m. EDT

DVD cover of the movie Jake And Jasper
© Courtesy Alison Parker
Jake And Jasper: A Ferret Tale was the first short film Falcor appeared in; he played Jasper.

It was a shock to many of Falcor the ferret’s fans on Facebook and Twitter when his mom, Alison Parker, posted that she arrived home to find him ill. She rushed him to an emergency vet and posted updates as she and Falcor awaited examination and diagnosis. Sadly, about three hours after the first post, Parker put up the following message: "R.I.P my baby boy Falcor the Ferret. You brought joy to the world and especially me.” Falcor was 4 years old and is survived by his ferret "brother,” Frisco, and Parker.

The reactions were almost instantaneous. Among the many expressions of sorry and hopes that Falcor will rest in peace (RIP) or dook in peace (DIP), people also posted more detailed comments.

"Have never felt so sad for another person's loss. I wish this wasn't real. Goodbye dear Falcor." — Dawn Marie Klüg

"I'm so sorry to hear of Falcor passing. Many hearts are broken along with yours today. He brought the ferret community together like the true Ambassador he was. Dook in peace little man.” — Lori Drapeau

"Alison and Frisco, I am so sorry to learn that Falcor, your friend, baby boy and brother, and love in your lives and ours, has left this life. Sending love and sincere hope that you will find peace in coming days and joy in his memory. He was a wonderful little soul who lived an extraordinary life, which you helped to create for him, Alison. I have such gratitude to you both for the movies you made together, for sharing your lives through this page, and for the myriad ways you've touched my heart and life and the hearts and lives of so many others, and raised awareness about the "little ones." So much love...” — Jai Trimpe

Connor Stanhope, an actor who worked with Falcor on the movie Jake And Jasper: A Ferret Tale and the trailer for the movie The Ferret Squad, tweeted a photo and message on Twitter.

Connor Stanhope holding Falcor
© Courtesy Connor Stanhope via

Today, Parker posted another message on Falcor’s Facebook page:
"Thank you all for your kind messages. It's a very hard time for us today. Falcor touched the hearts of so many. He was a happy, silly, funny, bouncing ball of energy. He always wanted to play, and he would do anything for a treat. The smartest ferret I ever knew. He will live on forever in his films. I still can't believe he is gone.”

Some fans have changed their profile photo to an image of Falcor to honor him. Others have asked Parker if she still needs funds to pay the veterinary bill. She has been out of work for a month and in her initial post about finding Falcor, requested help paying the fee for the emergency vet visit. People rallied to quickly reach the $205 fee via Paypal. Parker posted on the Facebook page the email address to send funds via Paypal.

Falcor first came to most people’s attention when he played the role of Jasper in the short film Jake And Jasper: A Ferret Tale. He then worked on a trailer for the movie The Ferret Squad; his character was named Digger. His latest work was playing the ferret Booger in the short film The Magic Ferret, which is currently making the rounds of the film festivals.

Previous to his film work, Falcor also appeared in commercials and public service announcements, and you can see a video where the actors and crew for The Ferret Squad talk about working with ferrets.

Falcor was the epitome of a good ferret ambassador. He represented his species with honor and showed the loving and fun side of ferrets. And he knew how to "work” the cameras. He will be missed.

DVD cover of the movie The Magic Ferret
© Courtesy Alison Parker
Falcor worked on the short film The Magic Ferret in 2013.
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Posted: May 13, 2014, 3:45 p.m. EDT

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Falcor The Ferret Suddenly Takes Ill And Passes

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Reader Comments
WELL i JUST FOUND MY E-MAIL FROM YOU AND WAS SADDENED TO HEAR OF HIS PASSING. i KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO LOOSE THESE SWEET BABY'S. i HAVE CRIED OVER ABOUT 6 SO FAR. i SWORE i WOULD NOT GET ANOTHER ONE. tHEY ARE THE BEST GUYS TO HAVE FOR A PET. i ALWAYS SAY THAT THERE ARE A FEW THINGS i DON'T LIKE about them they don't live long enough, they get sick too soon in their wee lives, if deaf they can't hear you talk to them, (just the vibration).
With my second ferret his name was Willie "The Great Ferret Warrior". Have wanted to write a book about him and his friends. Have notes to do this but...costs more than I have. Hang in there young man as there are many times in the future that things will break your heart DIP Falcor you were a great love to your human family. Fly Hi with all your new friends and have fun.
Becky, New Brighton, PA
Posted: 6/16/2014 2:28:27 PM
While in principle I agree with Levis of the many self-important initials, I feel a bit more slack is called for here. Not all is black and white.

When I first got my ferret (who once won the photo contest here) I had money to burn & felt rather secure about it.

The company I worked for shut down and for a time, if he had a major illness, I too would have had to ask for assistance... even if I intended to eventually pay it all back. Emergencies are emergencies and if we could anticipate all of life's eventualities we'd all live to be 150.

Situations change and "There but for the grace of God go I", if I have quoted correctly. If people intentionally put themselves in that situation, then criticism might be called for. But that is not always the case.
Lonny, Spokane, WA
Posted: 5/27/2014 4:25:01 PM
to Levis, QC

Falcor was owned by more than just Alison Parker. There are many people out there that felt they owned a piece of them, and if they wanted to contribute to his bill so be it. Next time keep your Preachy negative thoughts to yourself nobody wants to hear this while morning the loss of their ferret. Please check yourself before posting this dribble
Mark, manteca, AZ
Posted: 5/27/2014 7:38:07 AM
I know this will sound awful .. but on her page she said : ''I need $1500 to admit him overnight. He just peed blood and is so weak. We are at about $500 raised''.

You shouldn't be asking people money for YOUR ferret; your responsibility. I didn't count on people generosity for my 2 ferrets when they had lymphoma. They were not famous, so people wouldn't give a dime, saying they were my responsibility. I paid for the xrays, complete blood count and emergency. I am not rich! But I paid, because when you adopt a pet, you should be there for them. We tried the prednisolone and all the thing we were able to afford to keep them comfortable .. and when the time arrived, we helped them cross the Rainbow bridge. Asked for their ashes and put them into an urn.
A.J.D.J.M.C.C., Levis, QC
Posted: 5/16/2014 11:59:17 AM
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