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Beverly Lowton, Speaker At The 2011 International Ferret Congress

A profile of International Ferret Congress 2011 symposium speaker Beverly Lowton.

By Renee Downs
Posted: May 20, 2011, 7:10 p.m. EDT

Five years ago, a woman and her partner decided that they worked too much of the day to have a dog and too near a busy road for a cat, so they once said to each other, “How about a ferret?” So, taking the proper next step, “We did some research and the more we read the more they appealed.” Now, Beverly Lowton’s six ferrets are her family. And, wanting to learn more about them, she attended an International Ferret Congress symposium in Amsterdam. After her experience there, “Bev” wanted to travel to other countries to meet other Ferretaholics. So, she googled ferret symposiums and will join us in the desert southwest for the IFC symposium in Tempe.
Her first ferret came into her life when Bev saw an ad in a pet store that read, “Ferrets free to good home” and decided to check them out. What she found was two 5-month-old hobs in a rabbit hutch. Her response was horror.

“The water bottle was green, they were being fed cat kibble and they were up to their tummies in s***! One had been sucking the others ears until they were just scabs. They were never played with ... We took them there and then.” Disinfecting the rabbit hutch until they could get something better, Bev and her partner “Spent the next few weeks being attacked by two frightened ferrets that hadn't been handled.”
That is not the only time Bev would ask herself, "How could anyone treat an animal like that?” Soon, others would call on Bev for her help with other ferrets. She once rescued an albino hob from a garden.

“When the man rang me he said, ‘It has a collar on,’ so I thought he would only be boarding with us until we could find his owner. When I got there the ‘collar’ was a cable tie with six bells on it. It was on so tight that it had cut into his poor neck. I cut it off and he was shaking. I gave him some FerreTone, and he snuggled up to me. I took him to the rescue and every time we picked up the collar and the bells rang he started shaking with fear. He was taken to the vet and it turned out he was blind. His neck has healed and he is staying at the rescue with two friends forever. Every time I visit and he hears my voice he comes running to me, as if since hearing my voice his life has turned from bad to good.”

When not with her ferrets, Bev may be found in a racing sidecar. As a passenger, hanging on may be what she does best! However, I can see her with her nose pressed to her favorite book, The DaVinci Code, with the wind flying through her hair.

To learn more about her exciting pastime, corner Bev in Tempe and ask her to tell you all about how she got started and some of her experiences. Or, you may convince her to reenact a scene from her favorite movie, Coyote Ugly.
And when she is gone, “I will be remembered as the mad ferret woman!”
Bev is a member of the Ferret Symposium Yahoo chat group. 

For more information regarding the June 3 to 5, 2011 IFC Ferret Symposium in Phoenix, visit the IFC website.

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Beverly Lowton, Speaker At The 2011 International Ferret Congress

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