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Proponents of Ferret Legalization in California Turn to Petco for Support

A group working to legalize ferret ownership in California hopes Petco can help.

The SmallAnimalChannel News Division
Posted: May 28, 2009, 3:30 p.m. EDT

Some ferret owners seeking to legalize domestic ferret ownership in California are planning to ask pet specialty retailer Petco to help fund their cause. But first they are asking for Petco receipts., a San Diego chapter of Ferrets Anonymous, is asking Petco shoppers to send in their receipts to show support for domestic ferret legalization in California. founder Pat Wright said the group plans to submit the receipts to Petco on July 3 along with an official request for funding. Petco had not been reached for comment at presstime.

The funding, Wright said, would be used to help pay for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which will include information on ferret studies, among other things. Wright said an EIR must be filed with the state of California before the Department of Fish and Game will address the issue of ferret legalization and possibly change its policy. The cost of completing the EIR is about $20,200, according to Wright.

To help pay for the EIR, is turning to Petco.

“We’ve been supporting Petco for years. Look at their ferret aisle — it’s 15 feet of ferret supplies in California,” Wright said. “We, the ferret owners of California, have been supporting them. Maybe they can do something to help us out.” is collecting receipts from any Petco in the country and for supplies for any pet — not just ferrets. Wright said including the receipts with the request for funding will give the request “clout.”

“If we include a lot of Petco receipts it should say, ‘We are your customers. We spend a lot of money,’” he said. is working with G.O. Graening, an environmental consultant with Natural Investigations Co. of Folsom, California, to complete the EIR. So far, Wright said he is encouraged by Graening’s feasibility study, which found the California Department of Fish and Game is willing to work with the group.

Overall, Wright said he is optimistic the ban will be ultimately lifted on domestic ferrets.

“I’m positive that the data will show ferrets don’t have any impact on the environment,” Wright said. “Whether or not [the department] plays politics … that’s a possibility that we might have to deal with down the road, but there’s only one way to find out.”

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Proponents of Ferret Legalization in California Turn to Petco for Support

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Reader Comments
My family and I are CA residents. We owned a ferret while living in Colorado for a while, then moved back to CA (where we are now). Our ferret Phoenix we had in CO passed away before we moved back, and we wanted another for years. 6 years ago we visited relatives in Las Vegas, and I bought one out there and brought him back here with us to CA. Spike was the best pet I've ever had, and I had to put him to sleep last July for insulinoma :(. He was gentler than any animal I have ever owned or met (and I have met MANY animals). My mom used to do daycare in our home, and Spike was so gentle the toddlers could even pet him and he would kiss their face or hands making them laugh. Our ferret before him, Phoenix, was also this gentle. They are AMAZING pets, and will even come to you when you call their name. Despite living in this state with it's retarded ban on ferrets, Spike lived a full and happy life with my family and I. I bought the largest ferret cage on the market at the time, so I have a great set up for another one still, and I am educated on how to care for ferrets (they are easier to train than dogs or cats too). What makes me so angry though, is that I have to go out of state to get a ferret (even though you can buy ferret supplies in most pet stores!)...and then I have to hide it from the public at the risk some paranoid, uneducated jerk might tattle on me; resulting in my ferret being taken from my family and I and then being "DESTROYED", or taken away and sheltered (when I have a better home than any shelter could provide for a ferret). How is that not animal cruelty? I would never let them "destroy" my family member if I was caught though. It's downright ridiculous ferret owners have to live with this fear over their heads, over a law founded on ERROR (it's true, read up on the history of the ban). Ferrets are about as much threat to the environment if one escaped as a gold fish would be, lol. Ferrets are wimpy creatures that could not sustain themselves in the wild. A Yorky dog would fair better as a stray! This is the one law I refuse to respect, because it's based on ERROR! LEGALIZE FERRETS IN CA!! I plan on getting another one the first chance I get when I visit out of state again, and I have a vet I can trust who lives very close. What's sad as well, is that so many Californians are being forced to break the law over this. It's absurd a law this harmful to ferrets and their owners is still allowed to exist at all. If my little message here can be spread anywhere to help the cause of ferret legalization in CA...PLEASE SPREAD IT AROUND!

Angela, Not Telling
Posted: 12/1/2009 10:42:00 PM
I feel terrible that the people of California live in fear of the government finding out that they have an illegal pet! I do hope, however, that if Ferrets are legalized that people investigate and learn as much as possible about this little fuzzy animal before obtaining or purchasing one!! Here where it is legal, my local Petco contacts me to rescue Ferrets that people have relinquished due to whatever reason! (I now have 6)
Christina, The Dalles, OR
Posted: 9/16/2009 10:45:20 PM
this really needs to happen soon many ferret owners in California "like it or not" need to be able to give there little fuzzy medical care without fear. I could have left my ferret in Wyoming when I had to move out to California but for me in my life thats my son I cant leave him!
Kara, Bakersfield, CA
Posted: 7/13/2009 11:13:36 AM
if people already have them n it isnt impacting the environment just legalize them already
bobbi, sunbury, PA
Posted: 6/2/2009 9:17:49 AM
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