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Ferrets USA: Challenging But Fun!

By Marylou Zarbock

If you’ve welcomed a ferret into your home or are considering doing so, get ready for lots of fun. In fact, some ferret owners consider watching their ferrets more entertaining than television, and playing with ferrets is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. With their insatiable curiosity, boundless energy and amazing little bodies that seem able to twist in every direction, ferrets are a blast to watch and to play with. 

But keeping a ferret healthy and happy presents some unique challenges. Ferrets are different from dogs and cats. They have their own set of needs. Did you know that although many ferrets live and sleep in cages, they must have daily out-of-cage time, preferably interacting with you? Or that they’re obligate carnivores whose digestive system can’t break down fruits or vegetables?

The articles in this magazine bring you up to speed on ferret nutrition, housing, safety and more. We also advise you about what to expect in ferret behavior, appearance and visits to the veterinarian. Just for fun, there’s an IQ test you can do with your ferret.
Although it’s not scientifically accurate, the test is a great chance to interact with and enrich your ferret’s life. You can also check out the fun of ferret ownership as seen in the photos featured in our photo contest.

Having a ferret in the house is a bit like having a human toddler. Ferrets can get into trouble pretty quickly because of their fearless desire to explore the world around them, and they’re smart. They’ve been known to push boxes into position to help them scale a barrier or problem solve in other ways. Don’t underestimate them. And if something comes up missing, don’t worry until you check your ferret’s stash. These little thieves love to hide away small objects like pens and car keys.

Perhaps the best part about owning ferrets is that they enjoy interacting with their owners. This pet isn’t like a hamster, which is better to watch than touch. In fact, owners often become a ferret’s favorite “toy.” So prepare for fun! 

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Ferrets USA: Challenging But Fun!

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