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Ferrets USA: Accidents Happen

The occaisional injury is inevitable, but prevention and preparation help ferrets survive unexpected mishaps.

By L.Vanessa Gruden

One of the cutest things about ferrets is their inquisitive nature. They love to snoop, to explore, to investigate and to thoroughly check out every new thing that crosses their path. This trait is a big part of their fun as pets, but also leads them into trouble on a regular basis. They will be under your feet. They will go through that open door. They will climb inside that couch. They will crawl under that appliance and they will walk right up to an aggressive dog. Sometimes their innocent curiosity can be downright frustrating.

When you have a ferret as a pet, you not only have a responsibility to provide it with food, water and appropriate housing. You are responsible for its protection, also.

It’s impossible, however, to prevent every calamity. I tell people that each ferret has an individual little mind with nothing better to do all day than think of ways to get into mischief. People have told me they kept their ferret in a cage nearly all the time because they wanted to keep it safe. This is unfair to the animal, depriving it of stimulation and activity. And guess what? A ferret can get injured inside its cage, too, especially if it’s bored and working hard to get out. We are the smarter species, in theory, so we must outwit the four-legged member of our household for its own safety. We won’t be able to eliminate all risks, but we can reduce them.

The Dangerous World Inside Your Home
Ferrets are small, so many things can hurt them. The typical household contains a host of threats, including:

  • Reclining chairs/sofa beds, mattress box springs, rocking chairs
  • Appliances – under refrigerators, behind stoves, inside dishwashers/washers/dryers
  • Any hole – if a ferret’s head fits, it may go in or get stuck
  • Cabinets that don’t close tightly and can lead to pipe holes or cleaning chemicals

**For the full article, pick up the 2008 issue of Ferrets USA or click here to buy the issue.**


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Ferrets USA: Accidents Happen

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