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Hedgehog Health Quiz

Test your knowledge about hedgehog health with this quiz inspired by the hedgehog health article in Critters USA 2011.

By Sharon Vanderlip, DVM
Posted: July 14, 2010, 9 p.m. EDT

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1. You love to give your hedgehog treats, but now you notice it has a double chin and fatty armpits and is unable to curl into a ball. Do you …
The answer is C. An overweight hedgehog should have its food intake reduced gradually, be weighed weekly and have its treats limited until it reaches its ideal weight.

2. Your hedgehog is a picky eater and prefers to eat only crickets and mealworms. Do you …
The answer is B. Offer a picky hedgehog a wide variety of healthy foods in a balance diet.

3. Your hedgehog keeps dropping food from its mouth. Upon closer inspection you notice that its mouth has a bad odor, it is drooling, and its gums are red and swollen. Do you …
The answer is D. A hedgehog exhibiting the signs mentioned should be taken to a veterinarian right away to be examined for possible dental and gum disease.

4. You notice a suspicious lump on your hedgehog's body. Do you …
The answer is D. A suspicious lump on your hedgehog should be examined by a veterinarian.

5. Your hedgehog is losing a lot of its quills. It also has a lot of dandruff and frequently shakes its head and scratches its ears. The edges of its ears are crusty. It's likely that your hedgehog has mites. Do you …
The answer is C. A hedgehog with mites should be examined by a veterinarian.

6. Your hedgehog is lethargic and has diarrhea. It is not eating or drinking and appears to be losing weight. Do you …
The answer is D. Do all of the above.

7. Your housekeeper turned the heat off when she left your house. You come back from work and find that your home is very cold. Your hedgehog is lethargic and non-responsive to handling. Do you …
The answer is D. Do all of the above. 

8. You recently adopted a pet hedgehog. This morning you have a big and unexpected surprise -- your hedgehog had a litter of baby hedgies! Do you …
The answer is D. Do all of the above. 

9. Your hedgehog is curious about your leather purse. After licking it, your hedgehog starts to froth at the mouth. It then spreads the frothy saliva over its quills with its long tongue. Do you …
The answer is D. Do nothing if this happens because the hedgehog is engaging in a normal behavior called self-anointing.

10. Your hedgehog's eyes are not bright and clear as they usually are. Instead, its eyes are partially closed and have a discharge. Do you …
The answer is D. Do all of the above.

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