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Answers To The Critters USA 2010 Pet Critter or Pet Rock Quiz

Here are the answers to the small animal pet quiz that appeared in Critters USA 2010 on page 143.

By Melissa L. Kauffman
Posted: August 25, 2009, 5 a.m. EDT

1) Your alarm clock rings in the morning and you:
Answer: A) Turn if off and jump out of bed. You have an hour before you leave for school or work, and you want to get everything done before you leave.

Responsibility is one of those words most people dread. It makes them think about unpleasant tasks or doing things for others at the cost of doing something for themselves.

In the case of small animal pets (or any pet), you sometimes have to sacrifice what you want in order to give your small animal pet what it needs.

No matter how tired you are in the morning, you need to get up early enough to take care of your small animal pet. You need to give your small animal pet food, fresh water, spot-check the cage and spend a little time giving your small animal pet your attention and affection.

If you are one of those people who love to sleep more than anything, a pet rock would be better for you than a living animal.

2) You had a bad day at work or school, so you:
Answer: C) You leave your problems at school or work and come home ready to socialize with family members.

It is hard to have a healthy, balanced life. There will always be times in your life that you don’t have a good day. How you react to this makes all the difference in your life. If you shut down and go straight to your room, the computer or to food, then a pet rock is the better pet for you.

Your small animal pet will need your attention whether you have a good day or a bad day. In fact, your small animal pet will be happy to see you, so your bad day could turn good if you learn how to leave the negative in the past and enjoy your present with your small animal pet.

3) You like your room or house to be:
Answer: D) Clean, but the occasional mess doesn’t bother you.

Small animal pets can be messy. Owners of small animal pets have to keep their pet, their pet’s cage and their own home clean to keep both the pet and person in the best health. This is a never-ending chore.

If you are not willing to clean on a daily basis, then your small animal pet’s health or your health can be negatively impacted. If you are a neat freak, keeping your house pristinely clean with a small animal pet in it may be a little too stressful.

4) Your favorite thing to eat is:
Answer: C) You read about foods that keep you healthy and try to make sure you get a good, balanced diet.

You’ve heard that you are what you eat? Well, we’ve noticed that small animal pet owners tend to feed their pets using the same good or bad habits that they use to feed themselves. If you are a dessertaholic, you might find that your small animal pet is a treataholic. If you are overweight, your small animal pet may be overweight. If you eat what is cheap and easy rather than what is good for you, then you probably won’t take the time and effort to prepare or offer the best food for your small animal pet.

5) Your typical day involves:
Answer: B) Hanging out at home with family or friends.

If you like to relax by zoning out in front of the TV, get out of the house as much as possible, or spend most of your day at work or in school and school activities, then you won’t be able to spend quality time with your small animal pet. This is the biggest mistake you can make as a small animal pet owner -- getting a small animal pet when you really don’t have or aren’t willing to have the time to interact or take care of your small animal pet.

6) Your home life is:
Answers: B) Good but a little lonely. You could use another friend; and D) Quiet. Everyone goes to their own room.

If your home life is too hectic or too stressful, then you have enough to deal with without adding a small animal pet to the chaos. Your small animal pet will be stressed enough coming into a new environment and by keeping him or her in a stressful environment, your small animal pet may develop bad or unhealthy behaviors.

7) You have an extra $10, you will spend it on:
Answer: B) Nothing, just put it into savings.

With small animal pets, come a lot of pet products. Some are big purchases like a cage; Others are small purchases that must be bought more frequently like food. Small animal pet owners have to spend a certain amount of money to keep their small animal pet thriving. If you never have any extra money, then you won’t be able to take care of your small animal pet the way it needs. If you’d rather spend the money on the latest game rather than a toy for your small animal pet, don’t get a small animal pet. You and the small animal pet you didn’t adopt will both be happier for it.

8) You would describe yourself as:
A) A person who enjoys friends and family.

Take a look at yourself and your personality. Would you make a good small animal pet owner? A good small animal pet owner puts the pet’s needs before him or herself, spends quality time every day with their small animal pet and doesn’t mind the maintenance chores of feeding or cleaning the cage.

You don’t want to get a small animal pet and then a few months or years later find that taking care of your small animal pet is more of a chore than a pleasure. This is the worst situation for both you and your small animal pet.

Owning a small animal pet is a wonderful, rewarding experience. Your small animal pet will be a true friend. If you find that you can’t make this kind of commitment, then get the pet rock. Knowing yourself can save you and any furry friends a lot of trouble.

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