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Normal And Abnormal For The Sugar Glider Anus

What are the normal things that appear from a sugar glider’s anus?

By Karen Rosenthal, DVM, MS
Posted: November 27, 2011, 5 a.m. EST

Q: We are very new parents to our baby sugar gliders. What things might appear from their anus, whether normal or abnormal? For example, we see red come out of that opening during expelling their poop. It goes right back in, so we assume this is normal. Last night, the larger sugar glider, which poops more in amount and in firmness, had something very white also come out, but it seemed to be "sucked" back in. This frightens us even as I write this. Is my glider in serious danger?

A: Without seeing exactly what you have observed, it is difficult for me to tell you if this is normal. Sugar gliders have a common opening called a cloaca rather than distinct openings for the intestinal, urinary and genital tracts. What you may be seeing could be normal as the sugar glider defecates, or it could be an indicator of disease. It is impossible to tell without seeing what this looks like.

Depending on where you got your sugar gliders from, it is possible that your glider has intestinal parasites accounting for the “white” structure that you saw. Or, it is possible that your sugar glider is a male, and you saw the unusual penis that sugar gliders have compared to other mammals.

The best way to start caring for your new sugar gliders is to let your veterinarian do a physical examination on the sugar gliders and test the stool for evidence of internal parasites.

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Normal And Abnormal For The Sugar Glider Anus

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