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Sukie Crandall And The Ferret Health List

After more than 10 years as a moderator of the Ferret Health List, ferret enthusiast Sukie Crandall makes a change.

By Marylou Zarbock
Posted: August 25, 2011, 8 p.m. EDT

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Duties Of Ferret Health List Moderators
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Dutchyn also shared a favorite Crandall memory. “I recall early on when I first joined the FHL after a number of disappointing experiences with other ferret-focused forums. I was looking for some clear, evidence-based information and no-nonsense advice and found it on the FHL. After reading a couple of Sukie's refreshingly knowledgeable posts I thought. ‘Who is this woman?!’ I was impressed with her vast knowledge and keen intelligence.”

Although the two live in New Jersey, Kaczorowski never met Crandall until the 2008 International Ferret Symposium in Pittsburgh. But they knew each other via the FHL for many years before. “Sukie was one of the first people to contact me when she heard of distemper in my home about 9 years ago now.” Kaczorowski said. “She was very helpful to me, supportive and caring. I will never forget that. I didn’t expect it from someone who was just some cyberspace email name up to that day. Since then we just clicked, and she has always been very kind, nonjudgmental and just a good soul.”

Crandall’s depth of caring was mentioned by many. Sessoms has many FHL memories of her. “The one that springs to the front right now is getting up to check my email in the morning and realizing that she had stayed up very, very late into the night hoping to hear back from the owner of a very sick ferret she was trying to help,” Sessoms said. “I'd simply gone to bed, and I was amazed at her dedication.”

Ferret owners and enthusiasts aren’t the only ones to appreciate Crandall’s FHL work. Veterinary pathologist Bruce Williams, who was one of the first veterinarians on the FHL to post replies about ferret health concerns, expressed his high regard. “What I will always remember about Sukie and the FHL is the incredible amount of effort she put(s) into it. She reads everything before it goes up, because people still want to use it to bash their fellow ferret owners from time to time. She has never allowed the threads to become personal — that was the earliest rule and still is in effect today. As moderators come and go, Sukie has been the bedrock of the FHL. She was always there, policing — and taking a lot of heat — but also always making sure it stayed true to its mission.”

First Impressions About The Change
We asked some FHL moderators and participants what their first thought was when they learned that Sukie Crandall was transitioning to be a regular FHL member.

“Tremendous relief that she wasn't leaving altogether. Sukie has an encyclopedic knowledge of ferrets' health, diseases and illnesses. Coupled with her many years of practical experience in looking after these complex little critters, her complete absence would have been a critical loss to the FHL. As it is, she can kick back and post at leisure and not be burdened with the administrative aspects of the FHL. She is an invaluable resource to the FHL and the ferret community at large, and I am grateful that she is remaining involved in an active capacity.”
 Tressie Dutchyn

“Good for her! She's taken so much time running the list over the last several years, and I'm so pleased to see her re-shuffle priorities so that she will have more time for her personal life.” Sessoms added that she’s very happy Crandall is staying on as a member.
 Pam Sessoms

“The FHL would be diminished by the change. Sukie has put so much of herself and put so much effort into the list that I couldn't imagine it being the same with her stepping back to a great degree. Thankfully the other moderators are doing a great job and Sukie continues to share her knowledge and wisdom with the list.”
 Caitlyn Martin

“Sukie gives of herself beyond the call of duty. She deserves some time to relax and catch her breath!”
 Julie Fossa

“Panic! Sukie Crandall is a highly educated ferret owner who has saved countless lives with vast experience, expertise, her research, and contacts with other ferret experts. But then I realized that what makes the FHL so successful is that it's a team effort. This entity does not depend on one person or even just a few alone. And because of that it is a stable resource that offers us a wide variety of expertise. That said, Sukie's dedicated presence is the glue and the driving force of this forum. So she will indeed be missed.”
 Rebecca Stout

“The first thing I thought when Sukie said she was ready to step down is, ‘Well, it’s about time! She needs time for herself.’"
 Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP

“Disappointment. Sukie spends a lot of time looking up and data researching things for the list members. I imagine she'll still do that on a much smaller scale, but it will certainly be a loss for us all. She also did a lot more 'maintenance' on the list, which meant other moderators didn't need to.”
 Troy Lynn Eckart

“Sad, as she is very dedicated to the ferret health list and answering questions, sending links, helping those who post get the answers they need. I also wonder if she is not sad to leave as it seems a very big part of her life for so long now.”
 Patty Kaczorowski

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Sukie Crandall And The Ferret Health List

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Reader Comments
I have known Sukie for close to 15 years now...on paper! Her contributioins to my ferret genetics based forum, have been invaluable over the years. Her wealth of knowledge is unbelievable and we all (Humans and furkids) have benefited from that knowledge. I am lucky to have Sukie as a friend!
MC, Reno, NV
Posted: 8/26/2011 7:38:30 AM
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