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Rabbit Rescue Spotlight: Bunny Lu Adoptions Inc.

Rescuing rabbits and educating people about their needs are critical to the mission of Bunny Lu Adoptions Inc.

Marylou Zarbock
Posted: January 8, 2015, 7:20 p.m. EST

Bunny Lu Adoptions Inc. exists to educate people about rabbits, including the joys of having them as pets, proper care to give them the best life possible and resisting buying them on impulse, especially at Easter. It also provides temporary housing for homeless rabbits. Its founder is Mary Ellen Whitehouse.

She points out a disturbing trend in rabbit surrenders. "Our society has become increasingly ‘throw away,’ not just with phones, computers, cars — we always have to have the newest — but animals have become toys to people,” Whitehouse said. "We enjoy them when they are little but quickly lose interest and dispose of them to shelters or rescues or, God forbid, ‘set them free’ or turn them loose, which is what too many people do.”

Whitehouse said one memorable rescue they did occurred in 2003 to 2004, when they took in 41 rabbits from a single home.

rabbit face
© Courtesy of Bunny Lu Adoptions Inc.
Rabbits of all types are helped at the rescue; this is Cupcake, a Lionhead.

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Rabbit Rescue Successes And Challenges
In addition to the successes of rescues, Whitehouse is proud of a milestone that occurred several years ago. "A donation in 2007 made it possible for the rescue to buy its own property enabling me to quit my day job and donate all of my time to rescuing and caring for the rabbits and educating people and finding homes for the rabbits.”

The biggest challenges for the rescue are having enough funds and volunteers to keep it running. Open houses have been the best fundraisers to date for the rescue, Whitehouse said.

Education really is critical for a happy bunny-owner relationship. "We want to help people determine if a rabbit is right for them,” Whitehouse said. "We speak from experience, so please listen to us.”

What People Should Know About Rabbits
What is the one thing that Whitehouse wishes people knew about rabbits? "They are not children’s pets; not easy-care pets; a 10-year commitment; must be indoor pets; they are social!”

Bunny Lu Quick Stats 
Location: Virginia
Opened: 1999
Rabbits Rescued Since Opening: Approximately 2,000
Number Of Rabbits Typically At The Shelter: 40 to 60

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Excerpt from the annual magazine Rabbits USA, 2014 issue, with permission from its publisher, I-5 Publishing, LLC. To purchase the current Rabbits USA annual, click here>>

Posted: January 8, 2015, 7:20 p.m. EST

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