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These Fundraising Calendars For 2010 Do More Than Feature Cute Small Animal Pet Photos

Check out these calendars featuring small animal pets that raise funds for small animal clubs and organizations.

By Marylou Zarbock
Posted: October 21, 2009, 5:30 p.m. EDT

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Hedgehog Welfare Society's 2010 Calendar Kidz Courtesy of the Hedgehog Welfare Society
The HWS calendar features bios of the hedgehogs that are pictured in it.

The HWS’s 2010 Calendar Kidz
The Hedgehog Welfare Society (HWS) has created a calendar for the past five years. “The calendar was the idea of our CFO, Dr. Donnasue Graesser,” said Sheila Dempsey of Maryland. “She turned the idea over to me to manage, and I've been running with it ever since.” Dempsey is the Rescue Committee Co-Chair for the HWS.

Proceeds from the calendar go to different HWS funds. “The first year they went to our general fund;” Dempsey said, “the second year to our fund to help rescues; the third year toward ‘Hedgies For The Cure’ — a fund for research about Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome; the fourth year to the ‘Campfire Fund,’ which funds research; and this year proceeds will go to fund the DNA databank project that the HWS is working on in collaboration with Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine.”

Photos for the calendar are sent in by members of the pet hedgehog community. “I 'advertise' for submissions in our chat group and to our general membership by e-mail,” Dempsey said. “I usually do this in July or August, so I give myself plenty of time to pick out photos and get bios written up.”

Printing has been done by a copy center in the past, but Dempsey said it won’t do the format they want for next year, so she is seeking a new printing resource.

Dempsey said one challenge to creating the calendar is keeping costs down so that it’s a profitable fundraiser. But the job has moments of joy. “A fun challenge that I encounter is picking out which pictures to use out of so many adorable hedgehogs!” Dempsey also mentioned that people get very creative in the bios they write about their hedgehogs.

In addition to the bios and photos, the calendar also includes reminders for Hedgehog Day (called Groundhog Day in the United States), and Circle Of Light and Healing Candle Ceremonies. “Our Circle of Light is held every month on the new moon to honor those who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge,” Dempsey said. “We all light a candle at an appointed time so that we are lighting at the same time across the world. The Healing Candle ceremony is a prayer list, and we all light a candle at the same time and it is held on the first of the month every month.”

People interested in learning more about the HWS calendar may e-mail Dempsey directly. 

Rabbits 2010 calendar Courtesy of
The Rabbits 2010 calendar features a collage of rabbit photos for each month. Rabbits 2010
The 2010 calendar is the first for The website started in 2007 as a place for people to talk about their rabbits, post photos and more. When BunSpace members suggested that a calendar be done, the site owners did a survey and found that enough members backed the idea to fund its production.

Photos for the calendar came exclusively from members of “Every participating member paid a low submission fee which went toward the HRS rescue fund,” said Uwe of California, one of the site founders. “Once all photos were submitted, we held a public voting for the best photos, which determined the 85 photos to go into the calendar.”

The funds raised by the calendar go toward the Emergency Rescue Grant Program of the House Rabbit Society.

Uwe said that although he has a technical printing background, he’s never done design, layout and prepress for any print project before. Creating it took a lot of time and worry. However, the biggest challenge was likely getting photos of the necessary quality and resolution for printing.

Those photos are part of what makes the calendar special. “It's the only rabbit calendar I know of that uses collages of multiple rabbit photos per month instead of a single professional shot,” Uwe said. “Everything in the BunSpace Calendar is ‘amateur photography’ with a little help of professional image manipulation software.” The collages include up to seven photos per page.

Freedom For Ferrets calendar Courtesy of
The Freedom For Ferrets calendar raises funds to promote legalizing ferret ownership in California.

Freedom For Ferrets 2010 Calendar is an organization in California that’s working to get ferret ownership legalized in the state. Its 2010 calendar, Freedom For Ferrets, is the first fundraising calendar it’s created.

Funds raised by the calendar will go toward an environmental impact report. “This report will be compiled of research, surveys and data that will show ferrets will not be a danger to the environment or humans if legalized in California,” said Jamie K. of California, who was the photographer for the calendar. 

The idea for the calendar came from Pat W., founder of Photos for the calendar came from a photo shoot. Photographer Jamie K. said that ferret owners brought in their ferrets, and she and her assistants set up different themes for each month. Because ferrets are illegal in the state, Jamie said having enough ferrets show up for the shoot was a challenge.

The photo shoot presented other challenges and moments of amusement. “Ferrets are hard to photograph, even in the comfort of your own home. They just don’t sit still!” Jamie said. “So there was a lot of squeaking toys, teasing with treats and catching them before they jumped off the posing table. It was fun for everyone involved and watching.”

The end result is a 12-month hanging wall calendar that measures 8.5 by 11 inches when open. “Each month features a cute themed photo of a ferret, a ferret fact and also a short story on how the ban on ferret ownership affects Californians,” Jamie said. “There is a grid format for each day that allows space for notes, and it also lists major holidays and the phases of the moon.” The last pages include information about getting more details and joining legalization efforts in California.

Jamie hopes that the calendar goes beyond raising funds. “We are not only hoping this calendar will help fund the EIR, but we also want to raise awareness and increase support for this great cause,” she said. “So far, the calendar has been very effective.” 

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Nice article! Good to have the information about what these groups are doing! The calendar for Bunspace sounds really unique since it features so many bunnie and uses amateur photos!
Cindy, Rexford, NY
Posted: 10/21/2009 5:01:57 PM
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