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A Brief Introduction To Pet Apps

Use this brief summary about apps and example pet apps to get you started on your own pet app search!

By Rebecca Stout

Ferrets Rikki, Jellyroll and Spazz/© Courtesy Melissa O'Hara
Find the right pet-related app, and your ferrets or other small animal pets can benefit.

The word “app” is short for application, which is just a cool way of referring to an add-on program that enables your cell phone or any other interactive device to do a specific function (usually not related to the purpose of the device). What gets confusing is that the word is broadly used today, and the definition now actually includes small programs, add-on bits of data, packaged-up websites, website bookmarking utilities, instant messaging, email clients and more.

A widget is a graphical display that shows ongoing information and allows a user to interact with a specific operating system and application. We use them all of the time on our computers. They include icons, toggle buttons, pull-down menus, selection boxes, progress indicators, on-off checkmarks, scroll bars, windows, among other things. People are increasingly dropping the word “widget” from their vocabulary and mistakenly replacing it with “app.” This is probably because of the flurry of mobile device ad campaigns making the word “app” very popular now, and because for the lay person the differences between the two words are too small and complicated to matter.  

Where Are These Apps?
What sort of electronics use apps? For starters, smart TVs, smart blu-ray players, handheld game systems, tablets, small computing devices, printers, smart phones, MP3 players and more. Doug N. works at the global headquarters for Best Buy Co. Inc., in Richfield, Minnesota, and he adds, “I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on everything with a touch screen and an Internet connection. Gaming consoles already use some programs that are similar to apps, so you might see them there in the next generation. You might also see them make the jump to some GPS devices, too.”

Go Pet App Exploring!
Following are examples, in no particular order, of the many pet-related apps available; some are free, some require a small purchase fee.
New Pet Checklist by GENOA Net Works
Ip Camera Viewer by QCLink
MobileCamViewer by MobiDEOS Inc.
My Webcam by EyeSpyFX 
Veterinary Dictionary by Coracle Online 
Veterinary Glossary by Deep Powder Software
Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball by Electronic Arts Inc.
Paw Card: Pet Tracker for Your Dog and Cat by Jive Media 
Pet Notebook by BarnacleJive Software 
Pet Dossier by Yep Yup
MyPetED by LifeLearn Inc.
Flying Hamster by Atelier 
Rat on a Scooter by Donut Games 
Talking Harry The Hedgehog by Outfit7 
Translate For Animals by Google Inc.  
Small Animal Medicine by Simpaddico 
Pet Master Free and Pro by GF Media Apps 
Pet Meds by JD Singh
YodaMap with PetMap by YodaLab 
Mouse Trap by Magma Mobile 
Warm Fuzzy Ferret Care by The Optimate

For more about pet apps, check out Rebcca Stout's Pet Apps Among Us article in Critters USA 2012.

What interesting pet apps have you found? Leave a comment below to share your find(s).

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A Brief Introduction To Pet Apps

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