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How does your rabbit, ferret, hamster, guinea pig or other small animal pet react when out of his or her habitat (if you have more than one, answer for the one you’ve had the longest)?

Small Animal Fun

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Animal Corner
Animal facts site featuring small and large animals from around the world.
Civilized Bears – The Civilized Bea
Civilized Bears is a family-friendly site about animal rights, welfare and care. From our Dogs and Cats to the Wildlife out our back door
Dieren opzijnbest
Dutch portal about animals
Hamleto The Hamster
A funny comic strip about the daily adventures of a cute yet sarcastic hamster and his young and naive owner
Jill Marie's Sugar Gliders
Sugar Glider information, videos, and photos
Personalized Pet Rescue Signs
Help Keep Your Pets Safe While You're Away! With A Large 6"x6" Personalized Pet Rescue Sign, Featuring Your Pet's Photo And Name On A Big Red Stop Sign!
Petnation - Small Mammals
Visit my site and learn all about small mammals and more!
PetSmile is a free app for the iPhone and Android. With it, you take pictures of your pet, bedazzle said pictures, and then post them on the PetSmile Network: a social network for pet lovers!
Rodent Directory
A new directory for rodent sites.

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