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We've all heard of squirrels collecting nuts, hamsters hoarding food and ferrets stealing and stashing small items. Is your small animal pet also a collector? Hamsters are champion food hoarders, but tissue or bedding can also be favorite items. Perhaps your guinea pig or rabbit pounces on a certain type of hay or vegetable. And what does your ferret or rat like to steal away or stash? How about your chinchilla or hedgehog. Is there a favorite toy they won't let others touch? Gerbils, mice and sugar gliders might get in on the "collecting" fun, too. 

Take a picture of your pet with his collection or one item in the collection or stash, and upload it to enter the contest. Tell us a little about your pet's collecting habits. It's that easy!

The contest runs through September 30, 2013. Your first entry earns you 250 Club Critter points (be sure you sign in to your Club Critter account before uploading your photo to earn the points). Club Critter points can be used to purchase items in the Avatar shop or redeem items from the rewards catalog.

Editors will select one winner after the contest ends. The winner of the contest receives 1,000 Club Critter points and the 2013 issue of Rabbits USA magazine, plus a SmallAnimalChannel noisemaker. Two runners-up will also receive a SmallAnimalChannel noisemaker.

The Your Critter's Collection contest is open to small animal pets only (guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, etc.). If you have a dog, cat, bird, reptile, fish or horse, be sure to check out our sister sites (click on the link) for information about those species and to check for contests. 


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  I am at least 13 years old.

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