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Every pet does something worthy of praise, and this contest celebrated that. Those who entered shared amazing stories of survival, companionship, understanding, trainability, intelligence and more — all exhibited by their small animal pet. Is it any wonder why people love them?

If you haven't checked out all the entries, be sure to do so. You'll find heartwarming stories about rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, hedgehogs and a squirrel. It's amazing what these pets are doing.

This is one contest where choosing a winner was especially difficult, because all the stories were so wonderful. Thank you to everyone who shared a story about their praiseworthy pet. Consider this a "virtual standing ovation" for what your pet accomplished.

The story that edged out the others belongs to Corbin the rat. Congratulations!

We also had two runners-up in the contest. Congratulations to Cinnabuns the rabbit and Baby the ferret.

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rat posing
Corbin the rat.

"Corbin's mother died right after he was weaned, leaving him with a human mom until we adopted him. But that isn't what makes him so special. What makes Corbin unique and wonderful is that he loves my daughter. Evie is 7, and although she wants to be gentle often she's just a touch too rough and a little too loud. Most animals shy away from her, but not Corbin. He jumps right in her lap and licks her hand. Corbin has made my daughter so happy because she know Corbin likes her just the way she is, and I think that deserves some cheer."
— Angela

rabbit posing
Cinnabuns the rabbit.

"Cinnabuns overcame a liver lobe torsion in May of 2011. She was very ill one morning and after a visit to Wakefield,MA VCA, she was sent to Angell Memorial in Boston. They scanned her belly and found what the vet at Wakefield had suspected - she needed immediate surgery. No second thoughts from me. Within two hours she was out of surgery. She did great, even though because of her age, which was 9 at the time, she was not expected to make it through the surgery. She was a pathetic sight that week when I went in to see her, but she perked up when I brought veggies. She rallied during her time there and charmed everyone who took care of her. Made me think - I guess anyone can survive if they try and the circumstances permit. I learned a lot that week from a beloved pet, my rabbit Cinnabuns."

ferret face
Baby the ferret.

"Baby was physically abused at the age of 3 months. His physical injuries healed after a week and after two years, he's finally overcome the nightmares, crying and shaking that was the emotional trauma that accompanied the physical abuse. Baby is now the spokesferret of our ferretry, Hisses & Kisses, and represents an abused ferret success story!"
— Donna

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