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This spring, challenge your sleuthing skills with’s latest scavenger hunt!
It’s time to get hopping and find the hidden item in our latest scavenger hunt. Everyone who finds the hidden item will receive 250 Club Critter points. Additionally, three winners (randomly selected from qualified entries) receive their choice of the 2010 Critters USA, 2010 Ferrets USA or 2010 Rabbits USA magazine.

To participate in the Spring Scavenger Hunt, find the Spring Rabbit! It’s shown in the blue banner above so you know what you’re seeking. It's the dashing gray rabbit wearing the blue bandanna! You might also see it on our homepage or in an ad. Those images do not count.

The Spring Rabbit you seek must be sitting on its own in the main text of an article. How will you know if you find the right rabbit? There won’t be any mention of the scavenger hunt around the photo. Nada, zero, zip. The photo will be by itself, with the text of an article around it. Plus, if you hover your cursor over the image, text will appear to congratulate you for finding the Spring Rabbit.

Searching is a big part of the fun of a scavenger hunt, but we realize that has a lot of pages to view, so check out the official rules page for more information and tips on areas you do not need to check.

In addition, we offer you these clues to assist in your search. You must solve each puzzle before moving to the next.
1) Find the two-word, spring-related anagram for the phrase: Barbs Tea Rite
2) When you have the two-word anagram (each word has six letters), put it in the search box at the top of the page on SmallAnimalChannel. Click “Go.”
3) You’ll see a list of articles. Click on the first article in the list. This article focuses on the same animal as the article where the hidden Spring Rabbit is located.
4) You could do a search by animal type now, but that still leaves a lot of pages to peruse. To further narrow down your search, unscramble the following anagram to create one word: Send Rot.
5) Put the unscrambled anagram in the search box, and the list of articles that appear, along with the previous clues, should help you find the article with the Spring Rabbit. Good luck!
Once you find the Spring Rabbit, send an e-mail to SmallAnimalChannel at or use the button below to send the e-mail. Mark the subject line “Spring Rabbit” and include a link to the page where you found the Spring Rabbit. Be sure to send your entry on or before April 30, 2010.
All Club Critter members who send an e-mail to SmallAnimalChannel with the correct location of the Spring Rabbit on our website will receive 250 Club Critter points. Note that the e-mail sent must be the same e-mail used to sign up for Club Critter, or points cannot be awarded. Club Critter points can be used to purchase items in the avatar shop or redeem prizes from the Critters Rewards Catalog.


  I am at least 13 years old.

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