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Whether it was a guinea pig snoozing in his food dish, a sugar gliding sneaking a snack, a hedgehog in a party hat or many others, the entries to the 2013 Small Animal Photo Silliness contest were fun viewing for everyone. A big thanks to all of you who shared pictures of ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, hedgehogs and more.

As always, choosing only one winner was made quite difficult by all the wonderful entries. But ... only one can win. That winner is Mr. Nibbles, a Syrian hamster. His owner, Amanda, commented on the entry that Mr. Nibbles was mocking her. He also won her the prize. Congratulations!

We also had two runners-up in the contest. Congratulations to Wedgie Wally Morse the hedgehog and to Malcolm the guinea pig.

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hamster sticking tongue out

Mr. Nibbles the Syrian hamster.

"This is Mr. Nibbles... mocking me :-)" 
— Amanda

hedgehog rolling in bedding

Wedgie Wally Morse the hedgehog.

"He was taken from a rough home, and we took him in. He is still adjusting but wow is he silly."
— Maryann

guinea pig with face in food dish

Malcolm the guinea pig.

"Malcolm having a post-dinner food coma."
— Michiko



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