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One path to tranquility is watching a beloved pet sleep. The challenge in our Summer Siesta contest was to snap a photo of your sleeping small animal pet, and all the entrants delivered. Each photo was heartwarming, adorable and every other wonderful adjective you can think of. Choosing one winner and two honorable mentions was difficult. And it should be noted that there was an overwhelming number of ferret entries.

The winner of the contest is a ferret named Sammy, who was one of several who sleep with the tongue out. What's up with that? Congratulations to Sammy and owner, Kim.

Honorable mention goes to our two runners-up, Alley and Mitzy, who are also ferrets.

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ferret asleep with tongue out

Sammy the ferret.

"Sammy having a great nap!" 
— Kim

ferret sleeping in hammock with feet sticking out

Alley the ferret.

"She is one of four babies, and they all sleep in funny positions! I love them."
— Cathy

ferret sleeping in pretzel position

Mitzy the ferret.

"Mitzy sleeping with her paw in the air, her usual position!"
— Sandra



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