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Welcome to 2012! With the new year here, people might be considering adding a pet or two to their family. Those of you who currently (or in the past) own a pet guinea pig, rabbit, ferret, chinchilla, rat, hamster or other small animal pet probably have a helpful hint or two to offer new or potential owners of your pet’s species. Here are some things to think about if no advice pops to mind right away: Would you do anything different if you were getting another pet of the same species? What do you wish you had known before you got your pet? What’s the best thing about your pet? The worst? Does your pet require a lot of your time? Was it easy to train? If you’ve owned multiple species, do you prefer one over the another? If so, why?

The contest runs through January 31, 2012. Your first entry earns you 250 Club Critter points (be sure you sign in to your Club Critter account before uploading your photo to earn the points). Club Critter points can be used to purchase items in the Avatar shop or redeem items from the rewards catalog.
Editors will select one winner after the contest ends. The winner of the contest receives 1,000 Club Critter points and his or her choice of a copy of the 2012 issue of Critters USA magazine, the 2012 issue of Ferrets USA magazine or the 2011 issue of Rabbits USA magazine, plus a SmallAnimalChannel noisemaker.

The Share Your Critter Knowledge Contest is open to small animal pets only (guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, etc.).

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  I am at least 13 years old.

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