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Thank you to all who participated in the Share Your Critter Knowledge contest. Many wonderful tips were offered in the submissions by owners of ferrets, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, rats and more. I hope everyone takes time to read through them all. Click the See All Entries button below to read them.

The winner of the Share Your Critter Knowledge 2012 contest is Lindalee and her ferret Jenny-Mae. Congratulations! Here is her entry:

ferret Jenny-Mae
Jenny-Mae ferret

If you bring your new family member home, remember you and your family are responsible for taking care, feeding, playing, training and giving it proper vet care. If you cannot devote time every day, then think twice before your purchase.

Finding a ferret-friendly vet is very impotant, putting a few dollars aways a week for a medical fund is smart.

Proper nutrition and ferret-friendly treats are also important. Do not go cheap on this, the better food is healthier than cheap food.

Spend time to train and teach your ferret, play time every day is important. These are very social animals and enjoy to be played with and talked to.

Ferrets are extremely smart and will outsmart you in a second. Be sure you feret-proof your home, and always know where your ferret is; it takes one second for it to get outside, lost or in a unsafe place.

Ferrets are extremely lovable and make wonderful pets if you take time to read about them and give them proper care and love.

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