Virtual Ferret Show

Virtual Ferret Show

Finally, a show for Ferrets only! The rules are very simple: You can enter your ferret in as many categories as he or she qualifies. But the contest doesn’t end there! During each quarter (3 months), SmallAnimalChannel will keep track of which 3 ferrets received the most votes. At the end of the quarter, the 3 champion ferrets with the highest amount of votes over all the categories will win one of the prizes listed below courtesy of ZuPreem or points credited to their Club Critter account. Please read our contest entry and voting rules here.

Ferret Diet
ZuPreem® Premium Ferret Diet
prizes are provided by ZuPreem

First Prize
ZuPreem® Premium Ferret Diet is a nutritious and highly digestible diet designed to meet the total nutritional needs of growing, adult, and reproducing ferrets. The diet is made with fresh, never frozen chicken, and contains no corn or fishmeal, delivering the high level of protein ferrets require. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants to help promote a healthy immune system, ZuPreem® Premium Ferret Diet requires no supplements. All with the great taste ferrets love.

Second Prize - 2,500 Club Critter Points

Third Prize - 1,000 Club Critter Points

See Previous Winners:
Fall 2008 
Summer 2008 
Spring 2008

Best Coat If your ferret has beautiful fur, it could prove to be its best asset. Show off your ferret in our Best Coat Ferret Contest.   Best Footwork Does your ferret have fancy feet? If so, enter it in our Best Footwork Ferret Contest.
Best Nose Pattern Is the pattern on your ferret’s nose distinct? Get a close up shot of your ferret’s snoz and enter it in the Best Nose Pattern Ferret Contest.   Best Snoozer If your ferret likes to kick back and sleep all day, this is the category to enter. Capture an image of your ferret doing what it does best for our Best Snoozer Ferret Contest.
Best Superhero Mask Does your ferrets mask come with superhero abilities? Find out and enter your masked fuzzie in our Best Superhero Mask Ferret Contest.   Cutest Bald Beauty Every ferret owner knows that bald is beautiful! Snap a photo and enter it in our Cutest Bald Beauty Ferret Contest.
Cutest Face Does your ferret get away with anything with cute looks? Find out if those cute looks win our Cutest Face Ferret Contest.   Most Stylish Does your ferret model off the latest trends in ferret wear? If your ferret belongs on the runway, enter an image of your ferret in a stylish look in our Most Stylish Ferret Contest.

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