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Show off your ferret's colorful coat!

Show Your Ferret Colors! 
Ferrets come in all colors and coat patterns. Show off your ferret's furry splendor! 

Sable, champagne, black, albino, black sable, chocolate, cinnamon and dark-eyed white are the wonderful ferret coat colors that are seen in pet ferrets and recognized by the American Ferret Association. But that's not all. Ferret coats also have patterns: solid, panda, blaze, roan, point, mitt and standard. Mix the colors together with the patterns and some pretty amazing ferrets emerge.

Whether or not you know your ferret's coat color or pattern, share a photo of it here and tell us what you find most striking about your ferret's appearance, this includes eye and nose color.

You receive 250 Club Critter points when you upload a photo (maximum of 250 points per month). In the future, your ferret's photo may be chosen to be on a ferret color chart at Yes, we're talking Club Critter points and a shot at fame, so don't miss out. Upload your photo today and tell us about your ferret!  


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