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With touching stories of first meetings and amusing antics like jumping other pets, the favorite critter memories contest had amazing entries from owners of ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, rats, chinchillas, sugar gliders and even a squirrel. It was heartwarming to read all the happy memories. Many thanks to all of you who shared your stories and photos.

Of course, the great stories made choosing a winner an agonizing task. But there can only be one. This time around, the win goes to Falafel, a hamster. Congratulations!

We also had two runners-up in the contest. Congratulations to Pea-Nut the ferret and ALF the sugar glider.

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hamster Falafel posing

Falafel the Syrian Hamster.

"The problem with pet hamsters is that they only live for 1 to 2 years; the upside is that in those few years you'll make memories that will last forever. Falafel was one of my most rambunctious and intelligent hamsters. Her personality was sassy, silly and playful. One night, my brother came into my bedroom around 2 a.m. where I was sleeping and where Falafel was running on her wheel -- or so I thought! My brother then told me that he had been awakened by a hamster in his bed. Oh no! I leapt up to go and rescue her, but she had already moved out of his bed and onto his floor. Unfortunately, my brother's room is incredibly messy (like all boys!). I was so worried that I had lost Falafel forever and began maniacally tearing through laundry piles. After about half an hour of searching, I was ready to tearfully give up. Then, Falafel peeked her head out from under the bed! But, alas, she wouldn't come out unless I got her a treat, such a naughty hamster! I was so angry and relieved at the same time. I then locked her away for the night and escape-proofed her cage. She was always finding new ways to escape out of her cage and go on adventures. She had such personality. Falafel passed away on New Year’s Eve of 2013. I wish that she could still be here with me, making more memories. I miss her so, so much. It would mean so much to me to win this contest in her honor."
— Zoe


Heloisa holding Pea-Nut the ferret

Pea-Nut the ferret.

"My little Pea is such a blessing for me, even when she is a naughty girl pooping in the wrong place, she makes me smile. I have a lot of memories already (She's been with us for 10 months), but one of my favorites is our first trip to the beach. That was the moment I realized she really likes us and, more importantly, she trusted me. Every time she would feel a little scared for being in a different environment, she would run to my arms. Since that day, every time something bothers her, she knows it's OK to run to Mommy's arms, because everything is going to fine. The picture is from that first day out."
— Heloisa


sugar glider ALF in cage

ALF the sugar glider.

"The first day he was home with us he reached through the cage bars and took a piece of apple from my hand with his little paw. That was it. I was in love from that moment on."
— Christy

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