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Water is the stuff of life, and a great way to get a pet to stop long enough to snap his picture, so we asked visitors to SmallAnimalChannel to send us pictures of their small animal pets drinking water. We got pets drinking from bottles, bowls and even faucets. It was a water-drinking extravaganza!

The entries were mainly from ferrets and rabbits, with a squirrel, mouse and short-tailed opossum also representing. Does this mean that hedgehogs, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats and other small animal pets don't drink much water? Definitely not. Always be sure to provide plenty of clean, fresh water for your pet.

Many thank yous to all those who submitted photos of their thirsty small animal pet.

Choosing a winner for this contest mainly boiled down to uniqueness and photo quality. It's always difficult to choose winners, because we enjoy seeing all the photos. However, the winner of this contest is ... Marty the rabbit. Congratulations!

We also had two runners-up in the contest. Congratulations to Gizmo the short-tailed opossum and Jenny-Mae the ferret.

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rabbit drinking from water bottle

Marty the rabbit.

"Marty often starts out drinking normally, but then will suddenly flip his head nearly upside-down and continue drinking. At this point he usually tries to pull the water bottle into the cage through the bars."

— Tyler

short-tailed opossum drinking from water bottle

Gizmo the short-tailed opossum.

owned by Ashton

ferret drinking from faucet

Jenny-Mae the ferret.

"Every morning when I get ready for work, Jenny demands a drink from the faucet!"

— Lindalee

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