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Thank you to all who participated in the Critter Holiday Poetry Contest 2011. So many of the poems were amazing that choosing only one winner was very difficult. That honor went to Trinda. Congratulations!

The two runners-up are Laurel with her haiku titled Rainbow Girl and Jordanna with her poem for Snow White.

If you didn't read all the poems, be sure to click the See All Entries link so you can. From haikus to acrostic to rhyming poems, many great poems were submitted celebrating all types of small animal pets. 

ferret in snow
Trinda and her ferrets Frito and Peaches


Here I come a-weaseling
Beneath the Christmas tree.
Look at all the shiny stuff!
You wrapped it just for me?
Bags full of crinkly paper
Just waiting to be raided.
Bows to steal, tags to toss,
(I can't believe you waited!)
I dangle from the lowest branch,
Just hoping not to crash.
I take off with an ornament,
to hide inside my stash.
Daddy's socks, Baby toys,
Those look like so much fun!
I can't wait to see what's inside,
So I chew a hole in each one.
Oh, Mommy I love Christmas!
The tree, the gifts, the lights!
Santa got my letter,
So I'm getting raisins, right?).

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