Sparky shows his holiday spirit
Aiyanna, and Sparky The Rabbit

Critter Holiday Cheer

Sparky is cute because he is different than other rabbits. He has his own way of doing things. And that's what makes him so cute. For example, if Sparky is caught doing something wrong, he will flop onto his side and look at you with those big, round, soft, bunny eyes. Another cute thing he will do is come up to you and ask for pets. If you ignore him, he will take whatever you are doing (i.e. reading, homework, writing, etc.) and toss it away or shred it to pieces, then he will stand right in front of you so you can pet him. Oh and the last of the top 3 cute things that Sparky does (although there are many other cute things of course) is get hyper for bananas. He will literally crawl across my back or neck or climb a tree just to get his piece of banana. I swear, he's addicted. I think Sparky is the cutest critter in the world. Of course so does every other pet owner (but I know he's the cutest).

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