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Congratulations To These Winners Of SmallAnimalChannel Critter Caption Contest In 2013!

Caption winners were judged based on three criteria:
1. Creativity
2. Originality and Style
3. Cohesiveness with Image

To enter the current contest, include your first and last name, your Club Critter account e-mail, and your caption. Or, have a great photo to submit for the Critter Caption Contest?

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December 2013 Photo
chinchilla in Santa suit
Photo courtesy of Laura G.
Winning Caption:
"A good snow dusting and a timothy hay treat is all this chinchilla needs for Christmas."
— submitted by Theresa W.
November 2013 Photo
rabbit wearing red shirt
Photo courtesy of Julie O.
Winning Caption:
"Somebody has pulled the wool over my eyes again."
— submitted by Crispin F.
October 2013 Photo
ferret dozing with eye open
Photo courtesy of Imogen C.
Winning Caption:
"Stealth ferrets watch you while they sleep!"
— submitted by Lucy A.
September 2013 Photo
rat with microphone
Photo courtesy of Shelby M.
Winning Caption:
"Oh Cheese-us, I forgot to do my hair today. Go away, paparazzi!"
— submitted by Cierra S.
August 2013 Photo
chinchillas with umbrella and chair
Photo courtesy of Conrad K.
Winning Caption:
"Hunnie, this doesn't look like the 5-star hut you promised. Where's the sand?!"
— submitted by Theresa W.
July 2013 Photo
mouse on scooter
Photo courtesy of Claire S.
Winning Caption:
"Hey guys, it time to go to Petco. Hop on the bike, I'm driving."
— submitted by Haley W.
June 2013 Photo
hamster on doll bed
Photo courtesy of Nancy C.
Winning Caption:
"Whew! I had this dream that I was a human, and too big to run in my wheel anymore!"
— submitted by Alicia M.
May 2013 Photo
guinea pig by garden tools
Photo courtesy of Susan L.
Winning Caption:
"You are what you eat, Mama said, so I ate all of the perdy flowers!" 
— submitted by Rachel D.
March 2013 Photo
ferret sleeping in basket
Photo courtesy of Rosemary H.
Winning Caption:
"Five more minutes please. This is better than the cage!'"
— submitted by M. John
February 2013 Photo
hedgehog in silvery tunnel
Photo courtesy of Julie A.
Winning Caption:
"The newest in dryer-vent lint-removal service.'"
— submitted by Elaine B.
January 2013 Photo
rabbit with weights
Photo courtesy of Beth O.
Winning Caption:
"This is not what I had in mind when they mentioned 'house training.'"
— submitted by Veronica N.

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