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Congratulations To These Winners Of SmallAnimalChannel Critter Caption Contest In 2012!

Caption winners were judged based on three criteria:
1. Creativity
2. Originality and Style
3. Cohesiveness with Image

To enter the current contest, include your first and last name, your Club Critter account e-mail, and your caption. Or, have a great photo to submit for the Critter Caption Contest?

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December 2012 Photo
degu by gift
Photo courtesy of Adriane F.
Winning Caption:
"Oh, maybe it's three acorns, or one giant, super acorn!"
— submitted by Olivia R.
November 2012 Photo
chinchilla with teddy bears
Photo courtesy of Vicki W.

Winning Caption:
"Isn't this a lively peanut party."
— submitted by Julie A.


NOTE: This photo was staged. Chinchillas should not be fed nuts.

October 2012 Photo
ferret on chair
Photo courtesy of Susan J.
Winning Caption:
"Dook 1!
 Dook 2!
 Dook 3!
Here I come!"
— submitted by Theresa W.
September 2012 Photo
rabbit sleeping in food bowl
Photo courtesy of Melinda H.
Winning Caption:
"That was a crazy night!."
— submitted by Diana K.
August 2012 Photo
hedgehog standing by dog
Photo courtesy of Alexander O.
Winning Caption:
"True friends are always there for each other. They always have someone to hold them up when they fall down. It doesnt matter if they are bigger than you or if they are a bit spikey, they will always stay together no matter what comes between them."
— submitted by Ashley H.
July 2012 Photo
two gerbils scuffling
Photo courtesy of Miranda C.
Winning Caption:
"Cuttin' loose on the dance floor doin' the Jitterbug!"
— submitted by Kelly J.
June 2012 Photo
guinea pig in toy car
Photo courtesy of Meredith E.
Winning Caption:
"Outta the way! This is a sunflower seed emergency!"
— submitted by Karen H.
May 2012 Photo
hamster carrying toy camera
Photo courtesy of Lori G.
Winning Caption:
"And I thought harnesses were bad. Ugh!"
— submitted by Noah C.
April 2012 Photo
ferret carrying a lemon
Photo courtesy of Evonne R. 
Winning Caption:
"When life gives you lemons ... stash 'em!"
— submitted by Evilynne Q.
March 2012 Photo
two chinchillas near or on a scale
Photo courtesy of Joyce L.
Winning Caption:
"Hey, I am chunky enough. Get your paws off the scale before the vet comes in!"
— submitted by Lindalee G.
February 2012 Photo
rabbit with stuffed Hello Kitty
Photo courtesy of Hedy C.
Winning Caption:
"OK, this is kinda scary; There's a cat right next to me!"
— submitted by Emma B.
January 2012 Photo
rat sleeping
Photo courtesy of Karen M.
Winning Caption:
"Awww, you made me blush!"
— submitted by Nicola J.

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