Congratulations To These Winners Of SmallAnimalChannel Critter Caption Contest in 2009!

Caption winners were judged based on three criteria:

  1. Creativity
  2. Originality and Style
  3. Cohesiveness with Image

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May 2009 Photo

Chinchilla with Guinea Pig 
Photo courtesy of Tracy Gearhart

Winning Caption:
“All too soon, Becky wished she had not agreed to the blind date.”
— submitted by Joy M.

April 2009 Photo

Hamster in Bathtub
Photo courtesy of Nancy Chando

Winning Caption:
"That soap won't get away this time, I'm using both hands!!"
— submitted by Veronica Lindsey

March 2009 Photo

hamster and guinea pig
Photo courtesy of Melissa Smith

Winning Caption:
"Can I get a price check on a hamster?"
— submitted by Kaitlyn C.

 February 2009 Photo

rabbit with beads
Photo courtesy of Kristy Neubert

Winning Caption:
"The all-new bejeweled bunny, only $19.95!"
— submitted by Jessica S.

 January 2009 Photo 

guinea pig lifts weight
Photo courtesy of Rosalie Millen

 Winning Caption:
"What can I say? The beets really worked."
— submitted by Meggs V.

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