Congratulations To These Winners Of SmallAnimalChannel Critter Caption Contest in 2008!

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Caption winners were judged based on three criteria:
1. Creativity
2. Originality and Style
3. Cohesiveness with Image

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December 2008 Photo

White ferret under a Christmas tree
Photo courtesy of Natalia Chomut

Winning Caption:
"I didn't think you were actually watching when I pulled that awesome, I mean horrible, prank on Mom."
— submitted by Rachel Hall

November 2008 Photo

Small critter inside cardboard box

Winning Caption:
"Ev'rybody'z alwayz after me Lucky Charmz!!!"
— submitted by Melissa Clark

October 2008 Photo

Small critter being attacked by stuffed panther

Winning Caption:
"Uh-oh (gulp), this doesn't look too good for me."
— submitted by Lacey White

September 2008 Photo

Small critter squeezes into smaller space
Photo courtesy of Mike Lynch

Winning Caption:
"Perfect, no one will find me here!”
— submitted by Tonya Vallone

August 2008 Photo

Two rabbits playing tug-of-war
Photo courtesy of Jim & Debbie Guidry

Winning Caption:
"I know you saw it first, but possession’s 9/10 of the law!”
— submitted by Christi Smith

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