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Baby Rabbit Stories Contest
Muffin, Annie, Oreo - Mixed Breed, Mini Lop, English Spot
Mixed Breed, Mini Lop, English Spot
Rabitt's Name:
>Muffin, Annie, Oreo
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When I first got rabbits, I got two mixed breed rabbits. Cupcake and Muffin were both girls.....

Well, a while later, we found out that Cupcake was in fact not a girl. We separated the two rabbits and (thinking that we had done it soon enough) we didn't expect anything to happen.

A month later we found that Muffin had given us a surprise: Twelve baby bunnies! We were really happy.

Only three of the
babies lived to be rabbits. I gave two of them away to friends. They both died at a young age though.

Jack was the bunny to live the longest. However, he died of a stroke a few years after the others.

Muffin had one more litter before she died. The last one was more successful than the first. She had 9 bunnies the second time, and I gave all but one to friends. But then a year later, Muffin and the bunny I had kept, Firecracker, died.

I then started collecting more rabbits. A friend gave me a mini lop doe who died giving birth to her five babies, who died also.

Not long after, another friend heard about Annie (the mini lop) dying and told me that she knew someone that was trying to give a female rabbit a home. So we got Oreo, an english spot. We had started to become a rabbit rescue!

I bred Oreo to Cupcake's grandson Oliver.

If you remember, Cupcake and Muffin were my first rabbits. When I gave a friend a rabbit from Cupcake and Muffins second litter, they had a surprise when they found out that their other rabbit wasn't a girl!
When they found homes for the other two rabbits that were in the litter, we took the last rabbit and named him Oliver.

Well, Oreo and Oliver had two litters together. After Oreo died of sickness, I got to keep one of the bunnies from her second litter. I named her Dot.

I have not had a litter since Oreo's last one, but I love baby bunnies and I am sure that my rabbits will have more litters in the future. Of course there will also be other rabbits that will need me, and I won't be able to say no!









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