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Fun Rabbit Pictures!

Take a bunny picture, add a silly or inspirational caption and you've got instant rabbit fun!

What's better than a cute rabbit picture? A cute rabbit picture with a funny saying or inspirational comment. Our thanks to the rabbit owners who shared their bunny pictures with us to make this page possible. We'll try to update this page weekly, so check back for more fun rabbit pictures in the future. For a larger image, click the picture or the text below it.

If you have a rabbit picture you'd like to email to us to consider for this rabbit picture page, send it to and mark the subject line "Fun Rabbit Picture."

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 rabbit in small tent

Happy 4th! Let's go camping! 

rabbit sitting at empty table 

Rabbit Rule #9: Take a moment for quiet
contemplation; then alert your owners
that food is required!

 rabbit tearing up phone book

That sinking feeling when you realize you
gave your pet the current phone book.

rabbit by rose

A petal for your thoughts. 

 rabbit lying on blanket

Is It Too Soon For A Veggie Snack? 

 rabbit chewing paper towels

Paper, meet your match! 

 rabbit chewing cardboard

Tastes like ... cardboard! 

 rabbit hopping fence in flowers

Hop Into Spring

 rabbit with green accessories

Go green!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 two rabbits eating hay

We celebrate Pi Day like any day --
with lots of hay!

 rabbit destroying chew toy

Demolition time! 

 two lop eared rabbits under cloth

Undercover Rabbits! 

 rabbit with plush rabbits

One of these things is not like the others! 

rabbit sitting outside 


 rabbit with six baby rabbits

Looking for hay in all the wrong places. 

rabbit by carrot

The carrot fairy strikes again! 

 rabbit on couch

Looks like this couch
needs de-fluffing!

rabbit in cardboard box

Can I just say, 50 shades of I don't care?
What is the fuss?

 rabbit outside on snow

I knew snow was white,
but I didn't know it was so bright!

 rabbit on hind legs looking at snow

This is not my beautiful yard.
This is not my beautiful grass.

 two rabbits cheek to cheek

And they called it bunny love! 

rabbit sits in flowers

Happy Valentine's Day! 

 rabbit in box

Some days you just feel like staying in a box. 

 rabbit lying in carpeted house

I'm not ready for 2015! 

 rabbit in basket

Happy Hanukkah! 

rabbit with bowl of apples and a carrot 

I suspect that this is not the way to sip apple juice. 

 rabbits eating lettuce from suspended ball

Good Things Do Come From Above! 

two rabbits look at each other through sliding door

Who Is That Furry Stranger? 

 rabbit with playing cards

Go Fish!

two rabbits eating hay

Ah! I Love The Flavor Of Fall Hay.
 rabbit with bow on ear
Be Fashion-Forward!
rabbit beside bale of hay
There Can Never Be Too Much Hay! 

rabbit eating banana

Banana Nirvana! 

 rabbit peering out from cage

Why Yes...I Would Like A Slice Of Banana!

rabbit by U.S. flag

Many Thanks To Those
Who Gave Their Lives In Service

rabbit posing

Sending Good Thoughts To Those
In Oklahoma

two rabbits snuggling

How To Lend An Ear, Literally!

rabbit munching hay

Look Away Please. Do I Stare At You
When You Eat?

rabbit on back with feet up

Talk To The Foot!

rabbit eating strawberry

Mmm! That Strawberry Aroma! Happy Spring!

two rabbit with ribbons on ears

I Say We Look Adorable!
Speak For Yourself

rabbit with ribbon on ear

Flaunt Your Flair!

rabbit with food dangling from mouth

Do I Have Food In My Teeth?

two rabbits sitting together

At The Next Touchdown I'll Jump Like
Crazy And "Accidentally" Knock Over
The Tray Of Carrot Sticks...

rabbit sitting in front of quilt

Animals Are Such Agreeable Friends —
They Ask No Questions,
They Pass No Criticisms — George Eliot

three rabbit munching lettuce

Don't Laugh. Rabbit Food Rules!

rabbit under bed sheet

I Don't Want To Get Out Of Bed This January.

rabbit on bed

You Can Sleep Here Too, But It's My Bed

two rabbits eating hay

Eating Hay Is Serious Business!

rabbit with orange lips

Reason No. 2 Not To Feec Excess Carrots:
Carrot Lips!

rabbit with paw on bowl

You May Feed Me Now

hamster and rabbit touch noses

Friends Come In All Shapes

rabbit sitting with front paws on rock

The Bunny Therapist
Will See You Now

rabbit with mouthful of hay

For The Best Mom Ever,
The Best Gift Ever... Hay!

rabbit lying down with long ears flopped

Bad Hair Day? Try Bad Ear Day!

rabbit lounging

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

rabbit eating from hay bin

Happiness Is Plenty Of Hay!

two rabbits nuzzling

We All Need A Nuzzle Sometimes

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