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Critters Storybook: Baby Buns’ Spring Day Adventure

Baby Buns the rabbit enjoys a spring day outside.

Baby Buns ignored the gradually brightening light. His dream was too delicious to interrupt – literally. In it, he feasted upon a pile of cereal he found beneath the kitchen table. Crunch, munch. Ah, so tasty.

Beep, beep, beep! Baby Buns woke with a start, nearly bumping his head on the doorway to his burrow. His girl, Theresa called it a nest box, but he knew it was a burrow. He peered at Theresa’s door. The alarm still rang, but it wouldn’t for long. Things happened fast around here in the morning.

Soon, Theresa would emerge like a whirlwind and free him from his pen for some playtime. After playtime, he would quietly chomp his breakfast of hay, pellets and a taste of vegetables as he watched her dash back and forth between the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. He never understood what Theresa was doing, but it was always interesting to watch.

He wondered where Theresa went when she disappeared for most of the day through The Door. Ah well, no need to ponder the unfathomable. Life was good. He snuggled down into his bedding, patiently waiting for Theresa to emerge and the day to begin.

Finally, Theresa opened the door. She scooped Baby Buns and cradled him against her chest. “We’re going to play outside today,” she said as she carried him outside. Spring had melted the winter chill away, and fresh green grass had sprung from the ground. Theresa placed Baby Buns down in his outdoor playpen.

“I have a surprise for you today,” Theresa said. She turned her back for just a minute to grab the surprise off of the table.

“Oh, a surprise,” Baby Buns thought. “I wonder what it will be.”

Theresa turned around and in her hands she held…

Get creative and help us write the next part of Baby Buns Spring Adventure! Do you know what Theresa’s surprise for Baby Buns is? To submit your story, Click Here>>

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Critters Storybook: Baby Buns’ Spring Day Adventure

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