Wednesday, July 7, 2010
The Stuff Rats Stash

By Shellyane Bryan
A rat owner from England shares tales of living with her rats named Mouse, Slinky and Diddy.

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Photo Courtesy Shellyane Bryan

Perhaps my rat has caught the scent of food or a bit of something rubbery to steal!

I’ve noticed that rats have a tendency to get very possessive over some unusual things. It’s not just food on the agenda when it comes to rat thievery, no. Of course, should I dare to leave a slice of tomato or a sliver of chicken anywhere around, it’s gone in 3 seconds flat, but there are some interesting items that my ratties have taken to over the years.

The most notable is the little yellow container that you may have had inside a Kinder Egg. I don’t know if you have these in the United States, but they’re hollow milk chocolate eggs containing a collectable toy. Quite like children who prefer the packaging to the toy, every rat I have ever owned has much preferred to play with the little plastic container. It’s really cute to watch them wandering about with it in their mouths, being that it’s really quite cumbersome and makes it very difficult for them to walk and jump.

I used to fill it up with food or treats and watch Dumbo and Fidget battle for it. Now, if I throw one in with Mouse, Diddy and Slinky, Mouse inevitably wins. Slinky is usually more interested in the open cage door, and Diddy is a little bit too cowardly to fight Mousey.

Another thing my rats always seem fascinated by is anything a little on the rubbery side. This results in them attacking the buttons of remote controls, the rubber grip on pens (they love stealing pens, wobbling around with them like batons), shoes, bags, whatever. No matter what size the item is, they will inevitably try to drag the thing with them.

The rats are also rather fascinated with balls of paper, nudging them around and chasing them backward and forward. This is a great game to tire them out a little bit, though, but tends to result in a very messy living room covered in shredded paper ...

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great article thanks
Tommy, Pocatello, ID
Posted: 7/13/2010 8:31:26 AM
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