Wednesday, June 2, 2010
A Few Words From Diddy The Rat

By Shellyane Bryan
A rat owner from England shares tales of living with her rats named Mouse, Slinky and Diddy.

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Diddy the rat
Photo Courtesy Shellyane Bryan

Diddy is the peacemaker in her rat family.

My name is Diddy the rat. I’m a black-and-white hooded, dumbo rat, and I live with my sister rats, Slinky and Mouse. Mouse is like our older sister and tends to be quite grumpy from time to time because we invaded her home, but she’s much more used to us now and enjoys having us around.

I’m the mediator between Mouse and Slinky! Whenever the two of them end up having a silly fight over food or sleeping space, I step in to break it up, though I get an accidental nip or scratch from time to time. That’s not so bad, though, if it stops my sisters from fighting with one another.

My favorite sleeping spot in my home is the plastic hammock, something my owner calls a sputnik. It’s also in my favorite color — blue! It’s perfect to doze in whether it’s a hot or a cool day. Both Slinky and Mouse can just about manage to cuddle up with me in it, though it can be a little bit of a tight fit sometimes (especially where Mouse is concerned...). I love nothing more than sharing my sleeping spot with my sisters, though, so I don’t mind being a little bit uncomfortable so long as we’re all together.

Slinky doesn’t tend to stay still for very long, however, especially if our owner walks into the room. The moment she hears her, she bounces up to the bars to say hello. Mouse and I sleepily follow — we usually get treats!

My day mostly consists of sleeping actually, but when evening comes around, it’s time for play. We try not to make too much noise, as our owner and her family are trying to get sleep during the night. People are strange like that. We three rats like nothing more than gambolling and bounding around the cage, tumbling on top of each other and play-fighting. Mouse tires out quite quickly, but Slinky and I can play for hours! Whenever we’re allowed to run around on the floor, we never tire out, though sometimes it’s nice to curl up on our owner’s lap and have a quick power nap before playtime starts all over again!

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