Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Rat Mischief

By Shellyane Bryan
A rat owner from England shares tales of living with her first rat, Queen Dumbo Duncanson-Bryan, and a rat named Mouse.

white rat on pants
Photo Courtesy Shellyane Bryan
Rats seem to have a fascination with getting inside clothes.

This week, I have been incredibly busy working, (I have officially finished university forever!) but instead of properly concentrating on it, I have been playing with the rats far more than I should. They have done all sorts of strange and often irritating things this week! I like to sit on the floor with my laptop, and when I do, the rats get into all kinds of mischief to distract me. My rat Dumbo is the quiet one, and happily sits on my shoulder for a grand total of 10 seconds, until she gets bored and decides my hair definitely needs to be groomed. My rat Mouse runs around like a little, ghostly lunatic. Luckily, this isn’t all that distracting, but then there are the occasions when Mouse decides my toes are worth biting, which is significantly more distracting.

I love to watch them run around the living room. It’s very entertaining, even if from time to time both of my rats drive me crazy, getting into all sorts of things, like climbing on top of the fireplace or getting inside the sofa cushions. I have a brand new pair of baggy jeans, and Dumbo already has a fascination with climbing into them while I’m wearing them. She wants to see how far she can get and then cries when she can’t get herself out. The poor thing is a little on the chubby side in her elderly years.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Mouse has started joining in. Not only that, but she starts fighting with Dumbo while in my jeans. Madness! I need to invest in another pair of skinny jeans so they can’t possibly get inside them. All rats have a fascination with getting inside clothes. In fact, I think it’s common for all rodents, because Leon the Hamster does it too. He falls fast asleep while in my jeans, which leaves me unable to move for a while so I don’t wake him up. It’s particularly difficult when Mouse decides to go on an adventure inside my T-shirt. She has needle sharp claws that are impossible to trim because she wriggles too much. 

I definitely need tight-legged jeans ...

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Rat Mischief

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Reader Comments
Funny article!
Mike, Columbia, TN
Posted: 5/16/2009 11:44:22 AM
Oh my gosh, your rats do seem like curious critters. my rabbit wendy is very curious too. Like when my mom had to spend alot of money on a new phone cord because a little rabbit named wendy escaped out of her cage And got behind the tv for quite a while. Your hamster seems like quite a handfull too. Oh and while your at check out Wendy's blog. and maybe just to stop by and leave a note in my blog and a vote. Well see you later and keep track of your critters bye!
Aiyanna, Eugene, OR
Posted: 5/3/2009 11:58:19 AM
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