Wednesday, December 24, 2008
’Twas The Blog Before Christmas

By Catya
Catya is a judge with the California Hamster Association. She shares her experiences in hamster ownership from a high school student's perspective.

hamster in stocking
Stapleton checks out his stocking.
hamster with present
Photos Courtesy of Catya
Beaker needs help opening his present.

’Twas the blog before Christmas, and all through the house
Many hamsters were stirring, but none was a mouse.
The critters were grooming and cleaning their hair
In the hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

The two-legged people were snoring in bed,
While visions of iPods danced in their heads.
They had turned off their laptops and things that go *beep*
And had finally decided ’twas time for to sleep.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
That the Robs — skittish guys — got so startled they scattered.
But the stout Winter Whites all got up like a flash
To peer out the window to see what went *crash!*

Through their cages, they saw (in the moon’s wintry glow)
Something children believe in but grown-ups don’t know.
For their keen hamster eyes and their keen hamster ears
Saw a miniature sleigh, heard eight tiny reindeer.

They heard reindeery hooves going clickety-click
And they knew that it was their good friend, old St. Nick!
Yes, Saint Nicholas Klaus, of the Christmastime fame,
And he waved to the hamsters, and called them by name.

“Hi, Beaker! Hi, Horton!  Yo, Douglas and Mina!
’Sup, Jasmine!  What’s shakin’, Titania and Xena?”
“I’ve got good food aplenty and exercise balls,
So munch away, munch away, munch away all!”

The sleigh that he drove was undoubtedly green,
But ’twas also the fastest thing hamsters had seen.
As through the Decembery air the sleigh flew
In a way that an SUV never could do.

While the shocked Roborovskis picked up their dropped chins,
St. Nick came down the chimney and let himself in.
And he looked at the hamsters, with twinkling eyes
That suggested that he was both merry and wise.

And he grabbed, from inside of his huge Christmas sack,
A much smaller bundle he’d specially packed.
For his good friends the hamsters — he loves them so dear,
He’d been picking out presents for them through the year.

For the small hamster kids, who had broken their wheel,
He brought out a new one, guaranteed not to squeal.
When Stapleton peeked out, so eager to please,
He presented him with a small piece of fresh cheese.

He peeked in on the new pups in Frau Umlaut’s cage
And proclaimed they were gorgeous, and smart for their age.
And he checked up on Zeus, getting on in his years,
And he rubbed his stiff back, and scratched ’tween his ears.

And when all of the hamsters had gotten their loot
(and the two-leggers, too, though they’re not half as cute),
Santa Claus had to leave. But before he arose,
He winked at them all, waved to each wiggling nose.

And went back up the chimney, and back to his sleigh.
He had miles to go still before Christmas Day.
But this he did say, as he vanished from sight,
“Merry Christmas, dear hamsters, and have a good night!”

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’Twas The Blog Before Christmas

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Reader Comments
Love it.It is so cute.
Mary, Galveston, TX
Posted: 12/23/2014 11:30:09 AM
Absolutely adorable!
Sue, Palm Springs, FL
Posted: 12/23/2014 7:58:21 AM
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