Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Hamster Valentine's Day

By Catya
Catya is a judge with the California Hamster Association. She shares her experiences in hamster ownership from a high school student's perspective.

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hamsters on keyboard
Courtesy Catya
Hamsters love to be loved, on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year!

Hello again, everyone! I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!

Whether you think that the holiday is about cards, flowers and candy, or about spending time with the people you love, if you’re a hamster owner, there’s a special family member you shouldn’t forget on Valentine’s Day — your hamster! And thanks to our pet hamsters, even if Cupid doesn’t smile on us hamster owners, we still have wonderful friends to keep us company.

Hamsters can’t read, so written valentines aren’t going to tell them how you feel. They certainly can’t eat candy, so how do we tell our hamsters that we love them? Maybe an extra sunflower seed to celebrate the day, or perhaps a fresh treat — a slice of apple is always popular! And of course, we can spend extra time with our hamsters to show them that they are safe and loved.

Speaking of “safe and loved,” guess who turned 2 years old last month? You may remember my previous blog post about Fang, the Roborovski dwarf hamster with maloccluded teeth. Well, she had her second birthday not too long ago! Not bad for a hamster with a birth defect that wasn’t expected to make it to adulthood, especially when you consider the fact that most hamsters wouldn’t survive the cheek-pouch problems she went through last year. She and her sister are definitely senior-hamster citizens now, but they still enjoy running in their wheel and getting their nightly treats!

Although Fang and the rest of my hamsters can’t say as much with words, I know they’re grateful for having safe homes and good food, and I know that I’m glad they’re in my life. It’s just wonderful to have friends waiting for me every day when I come home, ready to say hello in their little hamster way. Hamster owners don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to show their hamsters how much they love them — after all, hamsters certainly don’t!

Hamsters love to be loved, on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year!

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Tommy, pocatello, ID
Posted: 2/22/2010 9:57:42 AM
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