Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Downtime With My Hamster Homies

By Catya
Catya is a judge with the California Hamster Association. She shares her experiences in hamster ownership from a high school student's perspective.

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Angela with Lassie the hamster
Thanks to Tamiflu, Lassie the hamster can cheer up Angela as she recovers from the swine flu.
Hamster Kruge and Klingon Kruge meet!
Photos Courtesy of Catya
Kruge (the fictional Klingon commander) examines Kruge (the real Roborovski dwarf hamster). Kruge the hamster is not intimidated.

Hi, everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I can’t believe that my school break is over this week! My classes are starting again, and my brothers and sister have gone back to college. The house is a lot quieter without all four of us here, let me tell you! What a break it was, though.

My sister ended up coming home from grad school about a week early this break — with pneumonia because of the swine flu! She was actually hospitalized for a day or two before she came home so that the doctors could give her enough antibiotics for her not to be contagious. Poor Angela had to spend most of the break resting in bed. It seems that she has wretchedly bad luck about Christmas breaks — last year she spent hers recovering from a tonsillectomy! But by the end of her stay here, she was up and about again, almost totally recovered.

I still haven’t totally recovered from my “break”; I spent most of it finishing college applications and writing essays! Now I get the fun experience of waiting, white-knuckled, for news from the admissions offices. In the meantime, I can relieve some of that stress by visiting with my hamsters!

During our weeklong trip to Arizona, my young cousin hamster-sat admirably, and enjoyed the experience greatly. In fact, one night he was having dinner at a friend’s house, and when the hostess offered him dessert, he politely declined — because he had to go home and take care of his responsibility for the hamsters. Any kid who can pick hamster care over dessert gets an A+ in my book! He may even be coming to the hamster show this weekend to find out more about hamsters and hamster ownership. Koloth and Kras, my Roborovski hamsters with Klingon names, had great fun at his house because he was so conscientious about them.

Speaking of hamsters named after Klingons, I did actually get some relaxing in over the break. My brothers and I did a mini-marathon of the old Star Trek movies last week, to celebrate the last of our break. While watching them, we heard some familiar names: Klingon Commander Kruge and Valkris, the Klingons’ spy! We quickly grabbed the hamster cages off the shelf and brought them near the TV so they could watch their namesakes do battle with the heroes of the Federation. However, Kruge and Valkris, the Roborovskis, were unimpressed by their Klingon counterparts and simply went back to sleep.

You know, with Multivariable Calculus and Physics 2 starting up this week, sleep kind of sounds like a good idea to me, too! See you in two weeks!

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Downtime With My Hamster Homies

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that is so cute..
Tommy, pocatello, ID
Posted: 1/21/2010 8:00:04 AM
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