Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Memorial Day Wheeekend

By Leah McNeil
Leah loves guinea pigs more than chocolate. Share in her adventures of guinea pig ownership.

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guinea pig with flag
Photo Courtesy of Leah McNeil
Princess Snowflake celebrates Memorial Day Wheeekend with an American flag.

Hello Piggies & Peoples!

I took a couple of days off to spend a long Memorial Day Wheeekend with the Princess. A few of my friends from Virginia came to visit us, so that was quite a treat. Princess Snowflake was on her best behavior, and my friends seemed to be quite amused at her silly ways. My buddy Scott thought that she needed a haircut so I explained to him that she was an Abyssinian breed and that her hair was supposed to be all wild like that. Plus, why would you want to cut that gorgeous hair of hers?

I let her run around the living room, and she went straight for one of my friend’s toes. This is strange, but I think the Princess has a foot fetish. Lately during floor time, if I'm wearing regular shoes, she does her usual paw lift on one of my shoes. But if I have on sandals or anything open-toed, oh my goodness – she goes straight for the toes! She tries to nibble on them which, of course, tickles me silly. I'll lift up the foot that she's attacking and try to balance on the other foot. Then she goes after the other foot, so I switch and put that foot down and lift up the other foot. Meanwhile, I'm leaning over into her cage, trying to scoop up the messy spots, and I'm laughing hysterically and begging her to stop. Eventually, she stops licking my toes and runs off.

OK, back to the story. On Saturday night my friends watched a hockey game, and I could tell that whee were getting a little too loud and rambunctious for Princess Snowflake. I had a couple of the boys take her cage upstairs and put it in my bedroom. So then, of course, I had to piggie-proof my bedroom. I put the multi-colored gates up so that she couldn't get under my bed. Now you all know that I can get the Princess out of almost any tough spot, but I have to admit, I don't think I could manage to get her out from under my bed. In my 20s it would have taken nothing for me to crawl under a bed to fetch a pig. But now, if I tried to do that you would probably hear some cracklin' and poppin,' if you know what I mean. Poor 'ole Leah bones...

After my little party, I decided to leave the Princess up in my bedroom. Then I started thinking about how I have an extra cage for her and wondered if maybe I should put it in my bedroom so that whee could be together during sleeptime. Well, that sounded like a good idea until I spent the night with my super-duper, hyperactive pig.

After I brushed my teeth and right before I jumped into bed, I gave the Princess her “Good Night” snack, which consisted of two red grapes. Well, that pig gobbled those grapes down in no time and then she wanted to play. She ran around her cage, making all kinds of noise. She occasionally stopped and gave me this look like, "Now, you don't want me to wake up those nice people, do you?" So being the pushover that I am, I eventually let her out of her cage and let her run around my bedroom floor until she finally got tired. Then, it was sleepy-time for Princess Snowflake. Zzzz...

I woke up early the next morning around 7a.m. I had to go to the bathroom, but I tried to hold it because I knew what would happen if the Princess knew that I was awake. Well, I really had to go, so I tried to tiptoe to the bathroom. Princess Snowflake poked her head out of her pigloo and saw me, so of course she started running around the cage again – acting all crazy.

Afterward I got back in the bed, put my pillow over my head and thought to myself, "Here wheee go again!"

So much for sleeping in...

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Memorial Day Wheeekend

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Reader Comments
Hey Kate! Why Yes, I do have some Wedding pigtures...Wheeeeek! The Prince and Princess's Wedding Announcement will be coming out next Wednes (June 25th), and of course I plan to do a website, so stay tuned... :-)
Leah, Charlotte, NC
Posted: 6/16/2008 1:42:06 PM
Do you have any pigtures of Princess Snowflake and Teddy's wedding, at least one of her in her gown or veil? That would be so cool to see. It sounded like a fun time - sorry that my four pigs could not attend. I too love pigs more than chocolate, and they are just as addictive.
Kate, Milwaukee, WI
Posted: 6/13/2008 2:52:06 PM
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