Thursday, April 17, 2008
Lunchtime With The Princess

By Leah McNeil
Leah loves guinea pigs more than chocolate. Share in her adventures of guinea pig ownership.

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guinea pig eating greens
Princess Snowflake nibbling on some tasty greens.
guinea pig
Princess Snowflake takes a break to smile for Leah's camera.
Images Courtesy Leah McNeil

Greetings Animal Lovers!
I just returned to my office from what I like to call “Lunchtime with the Princess.” I recently moved to an apartment located down the street from work, so now I can go home for lunch every day to perform my pig duties and also get my midday piggie fix. When I got home, I immediately greeted Princess Snowflake, picked her up and gave her some cuddles and kisses. She's a very affectionate guinea pig, because she gives just about anyone a kiss – although I know deep down that her kisses mean "Feed me!" but whatever. Let me just believe that she kisses me because she loves me. So anyway, after cuddle time I let her run free throughout the living room and dining room.
My apartment is totally piggie-proofed so she cannot access any wires or get into anything that is not pig-friendly. Sure, I have those multi-colored gates up that are made for small animals – they actually go quite nicely with the decor of the apartment.

As Princess Snowflake roamed free, I did my usual refreshing of her cage. I keep the Princess on bedding made of recycled paper, so I scooped out the areas where she made her little messes and then fluffed up the remaining bedding. Aaaah! Much better.

Meanwhile, Miss Snowflake is running around, complaining, and wheeking at the top of her lungs as if she were screaming, "Hurry up, lady! Can't you see I'm starvin' over here?!?!" Geeez. I guess it's not enough that she has pellets, fresh water and a hearty pile of timothy hay available to her 24/7. I don't know why she is always so hungry. She is approximately 1 1/2 years old and only weighs 1 pound, 14 ounces (850 grams) but she totally has the appetite of a 3-pound guinea pig.

I hurried to refresh her cage as quickly as possible. I know that she knew that I was moving as fast as I could, but did she care? No! Instead, she ran around my feet and then put her front paws on my shoes and looked up at me with disgust because I was taking too long.

After refreshing the cage, it was time to prepare her lunch. I went to the kitchen and washed off some red and green leaf lettuce. Then I got a small piece of honeydew melon and headed back to the living room, where her cage is. The Princess had gotten quiet so I wondered where she went. As I entered the living room, I stopped in my tracks. There she was, standing by her cage, just glaring at me. Help!

She looked so cute that I had to pull out the camera. I keep the camera near the kitchen just for these moments. So, I put her food on the counter and started taking pigtures. Princess Snowflake just looked at me like, "Not again, Mommy!" What can I say? I love piggie pigtures.

Well, after a few camera shots, I picked her up and put her back in her cage with her lunch. She was very happy to finally get her lunch. And of course, I kept taking pigtures of her eating until I realized that I needed to get back to work.

I guess it's pretty obvious that “Lunchtime with the Princess” is my favorite time of the day!

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Lunchtime With The Princess

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Reader Comments
My piggies don't get floor time unless they are in there playpen - I am not piggie proofed and they would run and hide anyway. I love the Princess, keep them coming!!!!!!!!!
Kate, Milwaukee, WI
Posted: 4/19/2008 5:35:28 AM
Sounds like life as usual around here--Molly & Emma wouldn't have it any other way! Do other people live any differently?
Deb, Tarpon Springs, FL
Posted: 4/18/2008 9:27:39 PM guys Always make me feel all warm 'n fuzzy with your kind comments. To answer Ann's question, when do I get time to eat? Well, I don't. After the Princess is taken care of, I just grab my lunch outta the fridge and take it back to work. Then, I eat it at my desk. Man, I really AM a Slave! (hee hee) Keep the Wonderful comments coming...I Love 'em! :-)
Leah, Charlotte, NC
Posted: 4/18/2008 4:22:18 PM
Dear Leah, Your picture of Princess smiling is just adorable!! I love your story of her weeking her lungs out to hurry you along in your slave duties. She is such a lucky piggy that she has a mommy who rescued her from a shelter and now comes home from work to feed her lunch. Thank you for sharing your entertaining stories of Princess. I am reading the digest from Bermuda where I am on vacation. It is so hard to be away from my 8 piggys in piggyville. Luckily my husband put Angelique our stuffed toy piggy in my suitcase so she can sleep with us at night. I still call my 2 piggy sitters everyday to see how the herd is doing. Tell the Princess my piggys only get treats and hugs twice a day when I am away. She is a very lucky piggy to have a mommy that comes home to feed her lunch everyday. When do you get time to eat?
Ann, Tampa, FL
Posted: 4/18/2008 1:54:18 PM
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