Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Whee now Pronounce You...Piggie and Wife!

By Leah McNeil
Leah loves guinea pigs more than chocolate. Share in her adventures of guinea pig ownership.

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guinea pig with wedding veil
Photo Courtesy of Leah McNeil
The beautiful piggie bride.
guinea pig with top hat and bowtie
Photo Courtesy of Joanne Colangelo
The handsome piggie groom.

On Friday, June 6, 2008, Prince Teddy and Princess Snowflake were officially married! It was a joyous affair and many piggies traveled from all over the world to celebrate this magical event. Princess Snowflake made a beautiful bride as her elegant wedding veil flowed all of the way to the floor. And Prince Teddy was just as handsome as could be, with his fashionable top hat and pink bowtie. Their pigture-purrfect wedding occurred at 5:30 p.m. at the Pigs United Church in downtown Charlotte, NC and then the reception immediately followed in the Royal Ballroom of the Wheeks Inn.

The Princess had this dreamy look about her the entire day, and it was so nice to see my little girl in love. Her Pig of Honor, Penny and her bridespigs, Beanie, Peaches and Nuttie were just wonderful. They helped the Princess get ready and made sure her every need was tended to. They looked absolutely stunning in their pink ballgowns and white long laced gloves. Teddy's Pig of Honor, Baci and his groomspigs, Fugly, Manny and Mr. P (Pumpkin) were much calmer than the ladies. Imagine that. And they looked just striking in their fancy tuxedos and pink bowties.

Their little Ring Bearer, Captain Jack, who is not so little anymore, did a wonderful job walking the rings down the aisle on a beautiful satin pillow. During the ceremony, Prince Teddy and Princess Snowflake exchanged their pignuptials and were declared “Piggie and Wife.” The Princess was teary-eyed throughout the whole ceremony, and Teddy could not wait to kiss his bride. After the kiss, they left the church and found Igor waiting outside to drive them to the reception site in a hot pink convertible. It was so romantic.

Their wedding reception was lovely. The piggies indulged themselves in a delicious, extravagant veggie buffet and then the Bride and Groom danced the night away with many of their friends such as Yaya, Suus, Lucy, Mina, the Piggyfriends, Mavis, Guiny, Dunya, Woopy, Lady Bug, Shadow – oh the list goes on and on. There must have been over 300 piggies there! Instead of throwing her wedding bouquet, the Princess untied the ribbon and gave out the individual pink roses. And every pig really enjoyed their carrot wedding cake. Yum!

After their last dance, Prince Teddy and Princess Snowflake left the party and retired to their Honeymoon Swheeet there at the Wheeks Inn. The Prince couldn't wait to get his little paws on the Princess plus they had a really early flight out on U.S. Pigways the next morning. For their honeymoon, they are spending 10 long days in New Guinea, a beautiful island off of Australia. Joanne, Prince Teddy's Mom, and I left the reception soon thereafter. Whee figured we would let the piggies enjoy themselves. Hopefully, they behaved themselves in our absence (wink wink).

The Royal Wedding was a hit! Thank you all for coming and for showering the Prince and Princess with such wonderful gifts. Congratulations to Prince Teddy and Princess Snowflake!

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Whee now Pronounce You...Piggie and Wife!

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Reader Comments
Yes, just what I was waiting for, pigtures. They do make a wonderful couple...they are lucky to have found one another.
Kate, Milwaukee, WI
Posted: 6/27/2008 9:39:15 AM
Loved this. You are so creative. And I am glad that another marriage took place. Happy couple forever.
Kathleen, New Bern, NC
Posted: 6/26/2008 11:52:39 PM
They are a striking couple! Piggies everywhere are caught up in the story of their romance and marriage, and I daresay, many are quite envious. They too want to find what the Princess and Sir Teddy have found. Or is it Prince Teddy?
Alge, Logan, OH
Posted: 6/26/2008 8:24:47 PM
Yay! Pigratulations to the royal couple.
Joan, Penryn, CA
Posted: 6/26/2008 4:07:33 PM
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