Wednesday, June 18, 2008
The Princess's Big Day is Almost Here...

By Leah McNeil
Leah loves guinea pigs more than chocolate. Share in her adventures of guinea pig ownership.

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guinea pig next to pink heart
Photos Courtesy of Leah McNeil
Princess Snowflake expresses her love and patiently waits for her wedding day.
guinea pig with presents
The Princess shows off her wedding gifts from her hubby-to-be, Prince Teddy.

Well, here wheee are, just a couple of days before the big wedding day. The bride-to-be, Miss Princess Snowflake, is very excited and cannot wait to marry her Prince. Earlier this wheek, she was very happy to receive her Wedding gifts in the mail from her fiance, Teddy. Teddy is arriving at Charlotte International Airport on Thursday morning at 11 a.m., and the Princess is counting down the minutes on her paws until she sees her Handsome Bear.

She has been acting so loopy lately because she is obviously silly in love. She's been purring like crazy, too. Today, during “Lunchtime with the Princess,” she was totally out of control. I can tell that she is very eager to marry Teddy. Usually, when I let her run around while I clean her cage, she'll nibble on my toes for a few seconds and then run off and go about her business. But today, she followed me around like a puppy dog and would not leave my toes alone! It was 93 degrees Fahrenheit today, so of course I had to wear some open-toe sandals to keep my toes cool and happy. But, they weren't so happy when the Princess nibbled on them a little too hard. I don't know what her problem was.

To be quite honest, I was starting to feel like she was stalking me. And her cage was a wreck! She had gone to the bathroom in her food dish, so I had to clean out her dish and replace her pellets. There was a total poop explosion...poopies were everywhere. One of the water bottles was slanted and her pigloo was on the opposite side of the cage. It's almost as if she had a little “I need my Teddy Bear right now!” fit. Because she would not leave my toes alone, I had to keep picking her up. And I kept trying to explain to her that she couldn't act this way after she got married. "Do you think Teddy would still want to marry you if he knew that you were such a brat?" I asked the Princess. She just looked at me with that innocent "Huh?" look.

Next, I went into the kitchen, because that is the only room the Princess won't follow me in because it's not carpeted. After I washed her greens and strawberry off, I went back to her cage in the living room. Then the Princess ran so fast to me that I didn't realize she was right by my feet.

I was standing by her cage looking around for her and then I felt a nibble. Oh, there she is! As I lifted her up, she did her usual mid-air purr. I love the mid-air purr. I put her back in her cage and gave her the strawberry. She violently grabbed it from my hand, ran into her pigloo, and then gave me a “Thank You” purr as I placed her veggies in her pigloo. Well, at least she thanked me.

While the Princess was preoccupied with her food, I was able to escape and return to work unharmed. It's pretty obvious that the Princess cannot wait to become Mrs. Teddy Bear! We’re counting down until the big day...Wheeek!

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The Princess's Big Day is Almost Here...

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Reader Comments
Thanks Ya'll! And yes, Kate, you are correct. The Princess DID get married on June 6th, but the blog runs about 2 wheeeeks behind, so the official Royal Wedding Announcement will be posting on June 25th. And I submitted the pigture of the Princess in her wedding veil, so hopefully, that turns out nicely. Your Beloved Terri sounds like a Jewel...I hope he was Sweeeter than the Princess. heee :-)
Leah, Charlotte, NC
Posted: 6/25/2008 6:56:42 AM
Wishing the happy couple many wonderful years together! Hey,........where have they registered for gifts? hehe
Janie, Pittsburgh, PA
Posted: 6/21/2008 9:28:38 PM
Leah, I thought that the princess already got married on the 6th of June? Are some dates mixed up here?
Kate, Milwaukee, WI
Posted: 6/20/2008 12:15:25 PM
In PS's blog pigtures I noticed a pigture of her which looked like she was in a veil for her wedding, could we see that one close up? We love her so much. I had a male that looked liked her and she brings back so many good memories for me, his name was Terri. She is a BRAT but arent they almost all? Love so much to hear of her and look forward to her Blog site.
Kate, Milwaukee, WI
Posted: 6/20/2008 12:09:54 PM
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