Wednesday, October 29, 2008
It's Our Turn

By Joanne Colangelo
Joanne Colangelo volunteers for a number of animal rescue organizations. She shares her experiences and stories of guinea pig interaction.

Three guinea pigs share their story
Guinea pigs Macie, Merri and Spicy speak up in today's blog.
A guinea pig wedding
Courtesy of Joanne Colangelo
Teddy was united with Princess Snowflake in happy pigtrimony this past June.

Our mom has written about piggie rescue and our interactions with those who share our lives. Now it’s our turn to wheek…we mean, speak, and be herd…um, heard. 

This is our final blog. It’s time to learn about other little critters on, and we hope you will read about them too. While we will miss our wheekly visits with you, we hope you have learned a little and smiled a lot. Most of all, we hope you are inspired to give a homeless guinea pig a permanent place in your hearts and homes.

SPICY’s turn: I live up to my name, being fiery, spirited, sweet, zippy and zesty! So, how did I land in a shelter? Thankfully, I wasn’t set free because guinea pigs cannot survive outside on our own. My mom has made provisions for us piggies in case she no longer can care for us, so I don’t worry about being homeless ever again. Meanwhile, my previous family must be kicking themselves! They are missing out on one cool pig! Wheek!

MERRI’s turn: I’m the guinea pig shaped like a football, and I think that’s why my piggie-mom rejected me. At first, I didn’t trust other pigs, but I soon learned that living with a herd of other friends is a lot of fun! When I’m happy, I have others to play with, and when I’m scared, I have buddies to snuggle up to. Together, we create a chorus, a bond, a life. It’s good to be pig! Whistle!

MACIE’s turn: Mom found me on when my pigture caught her eye. I think it was because I resemble her Boston Terriers! I am quiet, shy, serious and very lucky. I was expecting twins when Mom adopted me and, due to my tiny size and young age, I had to see a specialist. The visit and sonograms were very expensive.  If a pet parent cannot afford the medical expense for their guinea pig, I hope they ask the vet for a payment plan or reduced fee. There are also organizations that can be found online that provide financial assistance. We piggies promise to repay you with lots of licks and love, even if we are quiet, shy and serious.  Squeak!

TEDDY’s turn: My brother Baci and I are very bonded to one another and don’t want to be separated even for lap time. Last June, the lovely Princess Snowflake of North Carolina and I were united in happy pigtrimony and Baci was a wonderful best groomspig. He’s also a great listener as I chirp, chirp, chirp. Experts don’t really know why guinea pigs chirp, but I do. It’s a simple song of happiness for a full belly, clean space and lots of genuine love. Chirp!

BACI’s turn: I’m adorably sweet with a hint of bashfulness that my mom finds endearing. Because Teddy loves his Princess Snowflake, I thought it was time to have a little lady friend join our herd for me. However, I’d have to get neutered first to prevent a litter. So I’ve changed my mind, even though some of my boar friends are neutered. They’re doing great, I think it’s because they have a girlfriend. Purr.

SWEETIE’s turn: I’m the smallest pig of the group, and my message is a simple one. Guinea pigs are wonderful, loving, non-aggressive pets, and we need you. Be our protectors, our rescuers, our voice. Our little lives have been placed in your hands. It’s your turn now. Wheep!

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Reader Comments
Thank you for your blogs. I will miss them.
Christina, Indianapolis, IN
Posted: 11/6/2008 10:20:17 AM
THANK YOU for writing your blog all of these wheeeks. I have truly ENJOYED each and every one of them. You have a Beautiful talent for writing and I hope you continue to do so. My Princess Snowflake is So HAPPY being married to your Teddy. He's a Jewel and of course, all of your little ones are Adorable...Wheeeek! Wheeee'll miss your blog, but can't wait to read your next works, whatever that may be. Keep Writing and most importantly, Keep WHEEEEEEKING!!! Love ya, PS, BP, & meeee :-)
Leah, Princess Snowflake, & Bertie Pig, Charlotte, NC
Posted: 10/31/2008 12:53:08 PM
Dear Joanne,
I will miss your piggie blog! What a beautiful farewell! I hope you will be able to return and share more endearing stories. Love your writing too.
Lisa, Patterson, NY
Posted: 10/31/2008 10:48:31 AM
thank you so much for all the great stories that you provided us with.
I will miss them.
Marion, Minneapolis, MN
Posted: 10/30/2008 8:45:57 AM
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