(Guinea Pig) Boys Will Be (Guinea Pig) Boys

By Joanne Colangelo
Joanne Colangelo volunteers for a number of animal rescue organizations. She shares her experiences and stories of guinea pig interaction.

Teddy and Baci cuddle together
Photo Courtesy Joanne Colangelo
There is no dominance displayed  between Teddy and Baci.

Teddy and Baci get along well together
Photo Courtesy Joanne Colangelo
Guinea pigs are good in groups even while young.

I have two precious boars named Teddy and Baci (pronounced Ba Chee). They were born to my pregnant rescued girl, Macie, and they are extremely bonded. In fact, if I take one out of the cage, the other one is frantic! He runs back and forth in his cage, jumps onto his hammock to get a better view, and calls out loud shrieks. Come to think of it, that’s how I act when I realize that I ate the last of the cookies the night before.

Some piggie parents prefer males because they are more affectionate with their caretakers and bond closer with one another. Others prefer females because the boars have a stronger scent and fight. I haven’t found either to be true. My boys are just as sweet and lovable as the girls and, even with long fur, Teddy doesn’t smell any different to me. Then again, why believe me when I have a sign hanging on the door that reads: This House Is Ruled By Guinea Pigs!

As far as male guinea pigs go, it depends on their individual personalities as to how they get along with other pigs. Teddy and Baci never exhibited any display of dominance between them. However, often times one male prefers to be “the boss” and the pet parent must keep watch that he does not attack the other pig or drive it away from food, water or resting places. If such a battle ensues, the boys must be separated immediately. Sadly, I have witnessed such behavior in pet stores when the males are of sexual maturity. If you ever see this happen, please inform the store immediately and don’t leave until you see that the pigs are physically removed. Another reason for intact (un-neutered) boars to fight is if a female is in the herd. Teddy and Baci live together so beautifully because their home is spacious and there is no sow to fight over. They are very happy to just live together; in fact, they’d have it no other way!

While boars can easily live together in pairs or trios and should live in a herd, others prefer living alone or with a female. If they are paired with the opposite sex, please be sure that one is neutered / spayed to prevent a litter.

Although it’s difficult to think about, sometimes I wonder how Teddy or Baci would go on without the other. I know that either one would be in great distress and be very unhappy. What would I do? Would I adopt a spayed female? Would I carefully introduce a young male? Perhaps the remaining boy could help choose which piggie he’d like to continue his life with. I just hope that day doesn’t come for a long, long time.

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(Guinea Pig) Boys Will Be (Guinea Pig) Boys

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Reader Comments
Aaaaaaah, yes. Boyz WILL BE Boyz! I have to admit that I think that boy piggies are more affectionate, but maybe it's because I've only had 2 girlie pigs and they were/are a little more moody than the boys that have owned me. I swore I would never get another boy, but then here I am with Princess Snowflake...and I wouldn't trade her for the world. My new boy, Bertie Pig, is such a Sweet, Sweet pig and he is more of a Lover, not a Fighter, at least with the girlies. ;-) After knowing my Beloved Brownie Bear, I thought that girlie pigs were more prone to fight. But, even B-Bear had a 'softer' side about her at times. By the way, the pigture of Teddy & Baci is just PRECIOUS! I think I know why PS fell so Head over Heals in LOVE with her Teddy Bear...Wheeeek!
Leah, Princess Snowflake, & Bertie Pig :-), Charlotte, NC
Posted: 9/24/2008 11:18:09 AM
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