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Does your small animal pet seem to enjoy music?

Chinchilla Health

Find and read articles on your chinchilla's health.

Chinchilla Veterinary Checkup
What to expect during your chinchilla’s vet visit.

Common Chinchilla Dental Problems
Learn the facts about chinchilla dental disease and its signs.

The Dangers of Heatstroke
Keep your chinchilla in a cool, dry environment.

Good Chinchilla Grooming Tips
How to get your chinchilla to look and feel its best.

Is My Chinchilla Sick?
Use these clues to help identify chinchilla illness.

Maintaining a Healthy Chinchilla
How to help your chinchilla fight illness.

Signs of a Healthy Chinchilla
Find out how to tell if a chinchilla is in good health.

When To Visit A Vet
Look for these signs to know when your chinchilla is sick.

Help! My Pet Has Been Poisoned By My Medicine!
Minimize the chance of a pet tragedy by being aware of the dangers human medications can have for pets and knowing what to do if a pet ingests human medication.

How To Groom A Chinchilla
What is the best way to groom a chinchilla that’s shedding heavily?

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