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Winter White Hamster from Westlake, OH

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Hi! My name is Buri.

I am a Winter White Hamster from Westlake.

Less than a year old



In my bedding

The food provided daily. Sure, the lab blocks are nice, but I live for those fresh fruits and veggies!

Running on the wheel


Yuri Gagarin

Being woken up

The world is mine to explore!

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  Hello Buri
We left you a vote & came to say hi! I dont have a costume so im not in the contest but lucky &Heidi are! Mom may add Piper if she would stay still! lol She may put us rats in there because we have halloween props but Sage & i have the same picture! Mom still has some time to see what she can do! So are you going to be in the contest? Do you get to run around the house? Have you ever gotten out when your family was go out? our mom has had 4 hamsters before! Every time she picked one out they would try to bite her! The last one wouldnt let her near the food bowl! She said its hard to feed a hamster like that! & it would push all the bedding up under the wheel & would get out! Mom knows all hamsters arent nuts just the ones she takes home! LOL After that she had gerbils then rats! Mom likes all animals each one has there own way of being silly! So what do you do thats funny or silly? Us rats hang on the door of the cage so mom cant open it to feed us!lol Lucky the bunny runs around her feet as she get treats out! The guinea pigs make a wheeking sound when the phone rings or when she is giving out treats! Mom has to play with us so we are out of here! Talk to you later!

Come visit me, Thor.

10/20/2011 04:02.12 PM Report This Comment  
10/26/2010 09:21.28 PM Report This Comment  
your ADOREBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Come visit me, Rosie, squirt, TiTi, Squeaks, The Babies, Born 09/27/10, GusGus, Buff & Biff.

10/18/2010 04:02.15 PM Report This Comment  
10/09/2010 09:55.12 AM Report This Comment  
  dropping by .. leaving votes! hope you have an awesome day! :)

Come visit me, Gizmo & Jinxie.

08/30/2010 12:01.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Thank you
Thank you for voting for my guinea pig. I voted for your hamster also. Even though I am not a Hamster fan, He is really cute!

Come visit me, Cutest Starburst.

08/17/2010 01:54.08 PM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:36.56 AM  
  hey buri
left you a vote.
ha! i am not a triplet- but that was the only picture i could put on here.
wanna be friends?

Come visit me, gruffy, bunnerfred bunbun & cookie.

07/30/2010 09:39.04 AM Report This Comment  
  here is a vote

Come visit me, Hermes (RIP), Juniper(r.i.p), Church(r.i.p), Axel (R.I.P), Dale (R.I.P), Buddy (RIP), Ivory, Bandit (RIP), Mopsey, Simba (rip), Hammie(RIP), Edward (R.I.P), Garfunkle(r.i.p), Flopsey(rip), Jackie(RIP), Ares(r.i.p.), Simon(rip), Lily, Chip(RIP), Skittles (rip), Apolla(R.I.P.), Rosebud (RIP), Baby, Jack (RIP), Snoopy (RIP), Bella (RIP), Gizmo, Pepper (RIP), Alice (RIP) & Gizzie(RIP).

07/30/2010 08:47.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Friday! Here's a vote!

Come visit me, Gizmo & Jinxie.

07/30/2010 07:15.12 AM Report This Comment  
  That's for the Congrats. Here's a vote.

Come visit me, Lil'.

07/30/2010 06:33.39 AM Report This Comment  
  I do love to contemplate the mischief that I will make during the day. I love the photo of you nomming the strawberry. Too much cuteness to handle.

Come visit me, Cooper.

07/29/2010 11:27.43 AM Report This Comment  
  So cute. Voted. Please vote for Lil'.

Come visit me, Lil'.

07/29/2010 10:43.41 AM Report This Comment  
  thanks for the vote!! Buri is too cute! :) Here is a vote for him!

Come visit me, Gizmo & Jinxie.

07/28/2010 11:35.46 AM Report This Comment  
  buri is so cute! i'm leaving him a vote!!!

Come visit me, gruffy, bunnerfred bunbun & cookie.

07/28/2010 11:03.35 AM Report This Comment  

Hi my name was buddha i was a pure black french lop buck i was a sweetie and only wanted to be loved and i had that love i needed atleast for alittle while with my newer owners that put me to rest may 27th, 2010 it was so hard for my newer owner for she is just 14 years old but she knew i was suffering and she tried to save me but she just could not save me i was to far gone from the maggets eating my insides. its hard now that im gone it feels like ive been with these people for all my life they were kind to me and showed me nothing but love even when i had my little moods with them when i first arrived! please leave me a vote and help me get critter of the day if you care for a 1 year old french lop rabbit like myself! -ANGEL BUDDHA

Come visit me, Bunny Club *bunny info/help*, Biggy ~R.I.P~ 4ever in my heart, † Legacy † R.I.P, †The Angels Emily, Joe, Buddha, Lucy, Abby, Tilly, † Angel Kisses † R.I.P, † Atley † R.I.P My Sweetheart :(, Dove *im back with my family again :)* & † Roger † R.I.P My Sweet Boy :(.

05/27/2010 03:58.47 PM Report This Comment  
  last day of rabbit food contest
FYI, today is the last day to enter to possibly win a free bag of rabbit food from Purina. Just click the link in the scrolling text at the top of this page. It's free. Happy New Year!

SmallAnimalChannel, Irvine, CA.

12/31/2009 01:51.33 PM Report This Comment  
11/09/2009 10:40.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Do you want to run for COTD? If so please visit the COTD Page! Its ID # 122313. Please stop by and leave your name and the day you want to run for COTD! We will then spread the word and get lots of critters to vote so you win! We will also make you a very cool pic so people know that its you running! The same applys if you want to run for COTM! Also, if you have a birthday or know somebody that has a birthday coming up, please tell us and we will post it so lots of critters will stop by your page with birthday wishes! And if you have any important news we will post it so all the critters of SAC can see! Thanks so much and please help us spread the word!

Come visit me, COTD Page!.

02/05/2009 09:44.05 AM Report This Comment  
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01/28/2009 11:18.25 AM  
  here is a vote for you

Come visit me, Hermes (RIP), Juniper(r.i.p), Church(r.i.p), Axel (R.I.P), Dale (R.I.P), Buddy (RIP), Ivory, Bandit (RIP), Mopsey, Simba (rip), Hammie(RIP), Edward (R.I.P), Garfunkle(r.i.p), Flopsey(rip), Jackie(RIP), Ares(r.i.p.), Simon(rip), Lily, Chip(RIP), Skittles (rip), Apolla(R.I.P.), Rosebud (RIP), Baby, Jack (RIP), Snoopy (RIP), Bella (RIP), Gizmo, Pepper (RIP), Alice (RIP) & Gizzie(RIP).

01/04/2009 04:55.32 PM Report This Comment  
The Robos have completed holiday decorating!!! Come roast some chestnuts with us!!! Party on dudes!!!

Come visit me, The RoboPuff Girls³: Blossom, Bubbles, & Buttercup.

12/12/2008 11:01.40 AM Report This Comment  
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12/05/2008 12:34.20 PM  
  Thank you so much!
For making me C.O.T.D.!!! It was totally unexpected! I never asked anyone one to ever vote for me, but I'm so very happy to have furriends like you all! You are the BEST! You are really true furriends! And thank you so very much! I will be leaving EVERYONE a heavenly hammy vote t show my thankfulness. And that means you! Sadly (for mommy) Flo past away the day after Thanksgiving Day. But it was such a happy day for us hammies in heaven! We all are decorating her wings with much glitter and gems because she was so sweet while on earth and now she is getting her grand reward. She died a very long and painful death from old age and it made mommy so, so, sad! It's all over now, and Topaz is very sad 'cause she was his girl and best snuggle buddy. Well she is happy now and mommy will be getting a replacement soon. Thank you all again! Leaving you a vote and much hammy love~~~~~~~~~Angel Motzy

Come visit me, ♥ Topaz ♥ In Most Loving Memory, In Loving memory of a special lil Fettucini ;) & In Loving Memory of Quem & the AK Angels.

11/30/2008 08:33.54 PM Report This Comment  
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11/13/2008 12:00.00 AM  
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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
Hey thanks for the congrats, I appreciate it. I'm so happy, I be dancin and dookin all round the house and I getta have some extra tone too! And Mommy is pretty happy too! Guess what? I made your bunny disappear! Hope ya are havin a good day and thanks again! Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

08/01/2008 12:00.49 PM Report This Comment  
  What's the latest?
Hello Buri! What is the latest? What is your newest toy? We have been getting lots more bedding and have been digging little tunnels all through it! I once dug out a little bedroom in the corner, with a little peep hole to keep an eye on those meddling humans! But as long as they bring us fresh yummy food it's okay I suppose. Party on! B'bye!

Come visit me, The RoboPuff Girls³: Blossom, Bubbles, & Buttercup.

07/26/2008 01:23.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Buri we jut love your pics
is you that tiny or is it a big strawberry?you is to cute.Tag your it.

Come visit me, Shadow, JIMMY DIP Aggie, Angel Herman Missing you Miss Aggie, Angel Giggles FLY HIGH Aggie ! & Angel Bubbles & Company welcome Miss Aggie to the.

07/14/2008 09:02.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Rejoice !! The RoboPuffs have arrived !!
We have taken time from our world domination strategization activites in the caverns to come and visit! You look like you are sitting in the snow having a snack in your photo! We have never seen snow, but it is rumored to be cold. So be careful of frosty-bottoms! We will return another time and check on your progress! B'bye! Party On!

Come visit me, The RoboPuff Girls³: Blossom, Bubbles, & Buttercup.

07/10/2008 09:13.00 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey it's p-nut come on over and join the hammster club Can you tell me what kind of cage you have plz? (here is a vote) P.S Tell ALL your hamster friends.

Come visit me, P-nut CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE, Smudge (Proud Mother) & Thumper.

07/09/2008 07:31.54 PM Report This Comment  
  New Accessories
The new accessories sure make life more interesting!

Come visit me, Buri.

07/07/2008 09:11.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little Guy
Willy here so long since I heard from uses. Me Mom my has been on de puter but I am trying to check up on some of my friends who have been to my blog.Left u a vote tiny guy. Me Mom had babies liks u when her daughter was about 8.
LOL and Dooks,
"The Great Ferret Warrior"

Come visit me, Verushka I also am Happy my Brothers are wif me, Jupiter, Pooh - Bear Watson, Ruby-Tuesday & Willie is "The Great Ferret Warrior" and Lady Veru.

07/03/2008 08:19.56 PM Report This Comment  
Your help is greatly needed and appreciated!! Pumpkin Camille is a 3 month old Flemish Giant X Dutch Rabbit. She is running for COTD on Wednesday June 18, 2008, & she needs all the votes she can get!!! She will be glad to return the favor & make new friends!! Please vote for Pumpkin Camille on June 18 at page #75015!! If u can't find her that way type her in on the search critters and she is the only one!! Please copy and paste to all your friends!! Thanks!!

Come visit me, Moose, Delilah, Pumpkin Camille~R.I.P~, Blaze, Layla, Penelope, Toby, Bambi, Princess Cinderella, Jazz & Miss Daisy Stripe.

06/17/2008 09:52.44 PM Report This Comment  
I almost got a winter white, but I decided to get a Chinese. You should come see him (Roho). Bye.

Come visit me, Roho R.I.P..

06/15/2008 06:01.29 AM Report This Comment  
Welcome to the group! You are so is a vote for you.

Come visit me, Remey ~ We miss you!, Sandi ~ We miss you!, Rupert ~ We miss you!, Lucky ~ RIP~, Amy ~ We miss you!, Wilson ~R.I.P.~, Miep ~ We miss you!, Stellaluna, Rocco ---R.I.P, ???, Sammy ~ RIP~, Buddy ---R.I.P, Rocky ---R.I.P & Brady.

06/12/2008 08:47.39 PM Report This Comment  
My name is Buri,
I'm in no hurry,
To eat that berry,
So I will tarry,
And enjoy my berry,
It makes me merry!

Come visit me, Buri.

06/07/2008 09:53.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Buri
Cute little feller!

Come visit me, Gizmo, Devil May Cry (Boo Boo Kitty), Rebel Zeus & Dolce Principe.

06/03/2008 11:43.06 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Burl
your picture is very cute. you should come visit us because we would like to know more about you! here is a vote!

Come visit me, ~Josie~, ~Moose~, ~Bailey~ & ~Coraline~.

06/03/2008 02:16.46 PM Report This Comment  
Welcome! Aw you are very cute, here is a vote.

Come visit me, Snuitje & Goldie.

06/03/2008 12:45.09 AM Report This Comment  
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