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Abyssinian Guinea Pig from Novato, CA

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Hi! My name is Cinnamon RIP.

I am an Abyssinian Guinea Pig from Novato.

5 years old


Cinnabunn, but please do not call me that I am not food!

In my cage mainly I don't like to be picked up that much. When I have to come out I am in my mom's arms.

Mom let me live next door to Squeakis. Before I moved next door to Squeak I was very sad. Now I am happy and chattering with Squeakis through the bars of the cages!

Talking to Squeakis, Eating greens, water mellon, apples and carrots are my favorite things to do.

I hate to be held which is weird for the usually easy going cavey! I am also friends with a cat -- please don't tell the rodents of the world I have befriended an anmial that eats us!

You tell me I'm not sure ...

Being taken away from Squeakis is my biggest pet peeve. When I am gone he calls for me. I also do not like it when mommy takes Squeakis out of his cage.

Just feed me and leave me the heck alone!

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We have something in common. I think our guinea pigs went over the rainbow bridge at about the same time. Man she was cute :) Good job for taking care of her for a lifetime.

Come visit me, LoveRay & Starburst Cutie RIP.

02/21/2015 08:06.51 PM Report This Comment  
  RIP Cinnamon
She was a cool girly pig! I will miss her so ....

Come visit me, In memory of Daisy May Hokanson, In Memory of Chester, Fuji RIP, Cinnamon RIP, In Memory of: Squeakis, Honey RIP, Dandy Lion & Thistle.

06/29/2011 05:33.44 PM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:36.56 AM  
my name is jitterbug and im in hammy heaven.. i died june 21st 09 and my momma was troubly sad ;(
in my memory she is trying to get cotd for me :)
do you think you could help me get cotd?
you could just vote but i love to talk to! just stop by and bring a conversation with you :D
what have you been doing? momma wanted to replace me but she couldnt so she got a guinea pig named snickers! she is only 1 and like me, she loves to talk :) could you leave her a message!?
thank you SO much for your help when i died ;(
please vote for me..

i voted,
jitterbug and snickers

Come visit me, Snickers & 0live.

10/04/2009 01:44.56 PM Report This Comment  
thats so cool that the cat will play with u n not eat u. heres a vote. my friend gizmo is runnin for cotd may 10 n would like ur help. thanx

Come visit me, Daisy, Max, Nubz, Gizmo & Bandit.

04/29/2009 05:36.30 PM Report This Comment  
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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  Hya Cinnamon :D
Just wanted to tell you that I`m voting for you and that I`m going for critter of the month :D Please, I`m gonna need all the help I can get :D Critter hugs (( ))

Your Critter Friend,

Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

10/23/2008 02:54.21 PM Report This Comment  
  A vote for you,
and there should be another one for bravery. I don't trust my cat at all. It tried to ambush my 'dopted little brother and me.

Come visit me, Captain Jack Sparrow II, Dec. COTM Thanks everyone & Barnacle Bill: shipwreck survivor and June COTM :).

10/04/2008 03:49.52 PM Report This Comment  
  I'm glad we're friends! Yes mommy has more pics of me but our computer won't let us load them right now so we have to wait. :( I wish we had a cat to play with!! Well I'll talk to you soon!!!! -Patches

Come visit me, Kenzie[: <3 & Nixie(: <3 (R.I.P. February, 2011--July-18-2011):.

06/18/2008 02:28.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cannamon! I like your color your very cute! I see you like the cat? Hope we can be friends! -Patches

Come visit me, Kenzie[: <3 & Nixie(: <3 (R.I.P. February, 2011--July-18-2011):.

06/17/2008 06:31.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Cinnamon!
Left you a vote here & a note on Daisy's page! ~ P & P

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

06/05/2008 06:04.06 PM Report This Comment  
  Ho-ho-ho, Bottle Brush Tails!
"Every day should be like Christmas... filled with love and a special kind of magic!" Dad, Peanut & Pretzel were so pleased & proud to discover that Peanut won the "Picture Perfect" contest! We're jazzed & gonna celebrate! Thanks to all of our good friends. We appreciate everyone's support and their votes for Peanut. Dook!!! (Votes for you & your sibs.) Happy adventures... ~ Peanut & Pretzel (P & P)

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

06/03/2008 05:15.19 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, *Angel Charlotte ~ Blessed 2009 *.

06/02/2008 08:15.05 PM Report This Comment  
  ~ Squeak, Hop, Bark, Meow & Chirp! ~
Hey Cinnamon! We left you a vote and a long note at Daisy's page! ~ Your buds, P & P

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

05/29/2008 07:10.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Cinnamon & Family!
We left you a vote here and a longer post at Daisy's page! Happy adventures... ~ Your buds, P & P (Peanut & Pretzel)

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

05/27/2008 12:43.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Your kitty looks jusr like my fave playmate that lives with me, too. I love our orange cat- what about you?

Come visit me, KJ Rabbitry.

05/26/2008 04:05.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh oh oh
Oh My, what a cutie you are! I am Thor, The Fonz of ferrets, pleased to meet ya! Please girlfriend, don't get the wrong idea, not makin any moves on ya, I know you belong to Squeakis! I just hadda come by and check out his babe! Yanno, so we can guy talk! Here's a vote for ya good lookin!

Come visit me, Thor, Friends Forever My Bud Mingo.

05/16/2008 05:10.14 PM Report This Comment  
That's what Dad said when he stuck his head in our penthouse yesterday. He's usually good at keeping it spic n' span but we decided that the potty pan was too messy & found a couple new corners. Dad was not pleased. He'll probably play the game again of placing food in those corners to discourage us! We'll see. And when the pan's real fresh, Pretzel sometimes thinks it's a new digging spot or comfy bedding. It's fun to watch Dad's reactions. We did make it out yesterday in the 'hood which was quite fun until the sprinklers came on & Dad took us home. What's a little water? Yes, Peanut did manage to crawl up Dad's pant leg again until he got past his sock which was not well tolerated. We heard that Dad's sis will be in town soon so that means we're gonna get that full "salon treatment" & our furniture washed. Don't know why, we LIKE the smell. The bath & swimming sure is fun but drying off is another story. And the "ear & nail thing", eww! Hope you're having a great week. Dook! Thanks for visiting us & for your vote. Always appreciated. Here's one for ya. Happy adventures... Your buds, ~ P & P

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

05/16/2008 03:40.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Of course...
Of course we get into trouble, we're ferrets! We left your handsome family of squeakers & hoppers a blog update on Daisy's page. Happy adventures to you... ~ P & P

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

05/13/2008 09:56.21 PM Report This Comment  
I have a club, and I would be honored if you wrote me back for registration! You fit the qualities for a member. You appear healthy, are kind to other animals, and you sound nice!!

Come visit me, Emilie ~VP~, Sweetie, Topaz & May Mouse.

05/13/2008 03:17.57 PM Report This Comment  
  Bosco wants to know:
What is that thing your hanging out with?

Come visit me, GOOGLE: I got transferred to another shelter:), Angel Jellybean: Thank you EVERYBODY!!!, Angel Bosco (in loving memory), Angel Bandit(in memory), Angel Taz: THANK YOU SO MUCH, Angel Speedy (in memory), Angel Moogie (in loving memory), Angel Star (in loving memory), Shelter Rabbits: PLEASE SEE MY UPDATE, Angel Mimi (in memory), Angel Lilly (in memory) (check out my avatar), Angel Ebony, Andie: I'VE BEEN ADOPTED:)!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!, Angel Baby(in memory), Angel Oreo (in memory), Angel Paco (in memory), Bubb: Gone April 8-17 & Minty Jax (I'VE BEEN ADOPTED).

05/13/2008 01:06.20 PM Report This Comment  
I like the pic! I also have a kitty friend. Actually, I have 3 of them! Here is a vote! Have a great day!

Come visit me, Copper a.k.a. Rocket Man.

05/13/2008 11:10.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Cinnamon, what are you doing on that cat! Isn't she going to eat you! Anyways, Ginger and Nibbles are my first cavies, so we haven't really gotten to a show yet since we got them a week ago. We got them from a local breeder who has over 100 guinea pigs, most of them Show Quality. We plan on going to local shows in the future. You don't have to have much experience at all to show cavies. Hope that this helps, Ginger and Nibbles

Come visit me, Ginger, Smokey, Tator Tot, Patches, Oreo & Nibbles.

05/12/2008 05:41.20 AM Report This Comment  
  We want to play!
We want to add you to our park but we don't know how!! Can you help us? xx NuNu & Munchkin

Come visit me, Munchkin & Nu Nu.

05/12/2008 02:42.19 AM Report This Comment  
You have a kitty friend. Buttercup also has a kitty friend.

Come visit me, Fudge, R.I.P. Shadow, Tobi, Marshmellow, Abyss (Abby), Raichu, Vicious, Scabbers, Buttercup, Muki, Raven & Yuki.

05/11/2008 06:34.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Welcome & Hello Cinnamon & Family!
DOOK! My, what a large & handsome family. We love to play with kitty-cats too. Hi! My name is PEANUT and I want to introduce myself and my roomie PRETZEL to you. We discovered this meeting place just a few weeks ago when we pounced onto our Dad's keyboard while he was asleep. We're having fun here and would love to meet other critters of all species. We come from a loving family that has had a variety of creatures both large and small but we are the first 2 ferrets in this home. Check out our descriptive profiles and pics and if you feel that we are cute and loveable enough, perhaps you could give us a vote. Over time, we will be adding new photos and updating our blog to share our lives with you. We'll be back here at least on a weekly basis while Dad's asleep. We look forward to meeting you and having you visit us! Thanks. {{{HUGz}}} Peanut & Pretzel (& Ken)

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

05/11/2008 03:04.38 AM Report This Comment  
05/10/2008 04:14.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Photo Wow
Your photos are wonderful, especially the one with you and your cat friend.

Come visit me, Buri.

05/10/2008 06:55.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Yes, Nibbles is a Show Pig. Ginger is a Show Pig as well. Are you a show pig? See ya Later,~! Nibbs and Ginger~!

Come visit me, Ginger, Smokey, Tator Tot, Patches, Oreo & Nibbles.

05/10/2008 05:10.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi & welcome :)
Love your pictures! Hope we can be friends! We voted for you too! Your fur is cool! xx NuNu & Munchkin

Come visit me, Munchkin & Nu Nu.

05/10/2008 04:24.05 AM Report This Comment  
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